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Vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners.

All Bosch vacuum cleaners are designed by German engineers renowned for their meticulous attention to detail, manufactured and tested in state-of-the-art factories to guarantee true German quality. Bosch vacuum cleaners are gentle on delicate wood surfaces, merciless on animal hair, easy to handle and demonstrate exemplary energy efficiency. And the most important thing – you can choose the vacuum cleaner that suits you best.

Additional commitment from Bosch to repair free dustbin and dustbin vacuum cleaner motors for 10 years.

For over 65 years Bosch has been developing and manufacturing vacuum cleaner motors in Germany. And thanks to the accumulated experience, Bosch motors impress with their quality, reliability and innovative technologies..

We are confident that our vacuum cleaners will not only provide an ideal cleaning result, but will also do their job for a long time and regularly in your home. Therefore, we take on additional obligations to repair free of charge or provide a new motor for vacuum cleaners with a dust collector and with a container. Enjoy the consistent performance of your vacuum cleaner day after day and year after year – thanks to world-renowned Bosch technology.

Vacuum cleaners with container: incredibly quiet and powerful. No additional costs.

Bosch vacuum cleaners equipped with unique SensorBagless technology™, quiet and powerful, requiring minimal maintenance. Unlimited cordless vacuum cleaners provide maximum freedom and convenience while cleaning. Runn Series’n is compact and the Zoo’o ProAnimal – careful elimination of any traces of animals. Vacuum cleaners Roxx’x – powerful station wagons, while Relaxx’x – surprisingly quiet.

Vacuum cleaners with a bag: performance, hygiene and cleanliness – at the highest level.

Bosch vacuum cleaners with replaceable MEGAfilt dust collectors are perfect for cleaning ordinary household dust.®SuperTEX. The new generation dust collectors are made of a special synthetic material capable of retaining up to 99% of dust. The procedure for replacing the replaceable dust container is very simple and hygienic. And the large volume of the dust container (up to 5 liters) allows you to change it much less often.

Bosch Athlet vacuum cleaner: powerful and wireless.

If you need a wireless and at the same time maximum performance vacuum cleaner, then take a look at the Bosch Athlet. Its AllFloor HighPower motorized brush combined with its highly efficient SensorBagless technology™ helps to achieve the same results as a 2,400 W vacuum cleaner.

New Bosch Unlimited Cordless Vacuum Cleaner | 8 and Bosch Unlimited | 6.

The best assistant in house cleaning. Wireless and ready to work endlessly * on any surface with replaceable batteries, lightweight design and convenient accessories. While you are using one battery, the other is being charged. The cordless vacuum cleaner is always ready to clean. The battery is part of the Bosch Power for All 18V wireless home and garden system. The new Bosch Unlimited vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning on all surfaces, easily cleaning tiles, parquet, carpet, and even the ceiling. The included accessories allow you to remove furniture and upholstery.

* when using two batteries, fast charger and normal operation.

Practical Bosch cordless handheld vacuum cleaners – little helpers for keeping things clean.

Lightweight, compact and cordless, Bosch Cordless Vacuum Cleaners are ideal for cleaning in confined spaces, such as vacuuming upholstery or car interiors..

New labeling with information about the energy consumption of vacuum cleaners: high performance, low energy consumption.

The energy label contains information on the most important characteristics of the vacuum cleaner, which allows you to make the right decision when choosing a model. Now it will not be difficult to find out such indicators as the level of noise and dust emission, the class of energy efficiency and suction power..

The new PowerProtect dust bag: maximizing the performance of your vacuum cleaner.

The use of original dust bags ensures the maximum performance of your vacuum cleaner. PowerProtect bags provide efficient vacuuming of any power vacuum cleaner. In addition, retaining 99.9% of fine dust, they are distinguished by a high level of hygiene. And the practical lock makes it easy to remove the bag without fear of dust release. PowerProtect dust bags also effectively protect the motor of your vacuum cleaner, ensuring a longer service life..

Thorough testing – perfect cleaning!

Bosch vacuum cleaners undergo rigorous testing to ensure that we – they meet the highest quality standards. Before the new model of the vacuum cleaner is put into series production, it passes the test on and off 45,000 times. Such tests help to achieve the desired result. – undeniable quality, perfect cleaning and absolute reliability.

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