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The experts’ choice: 48 of the best face creams of all time.

The experts’ choice: 48 of the best face creams of all time.

Which cream will save you from rashes? What is better to use in cold weather? What to take with you on vacation? Collected 45 of the best face creams for all occasions according to the opinion of cosmetologists and the editorial staff of BeautyHack.

Victoria Goncharuk.

Dermatocosmetologist, specialist of the O2 aesthetic services center.

Face cream Hydra-Filler, Filorga.

Despite its oily consistency, the cream is quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky film. The product moisturizes well, evens out the tone, does not cause redness and improves the complexion. Can be used sharpened – apply only to dry areas. The cream has a very rich and good composition: revidrate – the latest generation of moisturizing complexes, myristyl phospho-malate – increases the activity of enzymes that contribute to the renewal of the epidermis, saltwort extract – stimulates the synthesis of lipids of the stratum corneum.

Face cream Génifique Nutrics, Lancôme.

In winter, due to dry air and temperature changes, the skin needs special care, nutrition and hydration. When dehydrated, it quickly loses its elasticity, fine wrinkles become noticeable, and peeling begins. I solve these problems with Génifique Nutrics by Lancome – ideal winter option. It can be used in the morning and in the evening.

The consistency is thick, but the cream is instantly absorbed. If you have oily skin, apply it at night. – in the afternoon can provoke shine.

On package Génifique Nutrics specified «youth activator». However, there is no age limit – it is suitable for both young and aging skin.

Revitalizing balm Deep Repair, Teoxane.

A good alternative to night cream. The balm is suitable for all skin types without age restrictions. I especially recommend paying attention to it in case of hypersensitivity, peeling and after aesthetic procedures (laser, peeling, injections) – helps to recover better and faster after exposure. Contains: hyaluronic acid, anti-inflammatory arnica extract and immortelle extract that fights bruising.

Irina Gnedina.

Doctor-cosmetologist of the health and beauty center “White Garden”

La Cr cleansing cream for face and neckème des Crèmes, Joëlle Ciocco.

The cream removes traces of stress and fatigue and works as an anti-age care. Contains 2015 saffron (antioxidant), black seed oil (increases the skin’s natural barrier) and rose water (lifting effect).

Massage the cream in the morning and evening on cleansed skin. Don’t forget about the neck and décolleté.

Anti-aging face cream Dheanne, Anne Simonine.

I advise you to apply this cream in the morning on cleansed skin. The composition contains many unusual natural ingredients. For example, wild yam extract contains diosgenin, which is responsible for cell regeneration and estrogen production. Tritisol – wheat germ product – works as an antioxidant and protects the skin from UV rays. The cream also contains moisturizing extracts of Aloe Vera and Centifolia (double rose), vitamins A and E, which improve collagen production.

Face cream against wrinkles Mat Reverser, Joëlle Ciocco.

Suitable for girls with a dull complexion and enlarged pores. I do not recommend using it if you have sensitive skin. The cream copes with age spots, brightens the face, increasing cellular activity.

It contains tomato fruit extract, passionflower seed oil, stimulating cell renewal. The amino acid carnitine strengthens the skin, and the peptide matrikin restores the dermis and activates collagen neosynthesis.

Youth Intensive Crème, iS Clinical.

Sufficiently dense cream with age restriction – 40+. Recommended for women with dry, dehydrated skin. Main ingredients: sodium hyaluronate (retains moisture in the dermis), hyaluronic acid microspheres, antioxidant vitamin C and copper tripeptide-1, which stimulates collagen synthesis. It also contains superoxide dismutase – a natural enzyme that fights the signs of aging by scavenging free radicals.

Energizing nourishing cream Prime Regenera I, Valmont.

The main ingredient in the cream that once made the Valmont brand incredibly popular, – triple molecule of DNA and RNA. DNA is extracted from the milk of Canadian salmon by extraction. The triple molecule contains macronutrients calcium, magnesium and sodium. DNA and RNA control protein synthesis, increase the biological activity of cells.

The product moisturizes, improves skin color, protects in cold weather. Apply it in the evening to cleansed skin. The cream is good for its versatility: it can be used both in adulthood and when the first signs of aging appear (optimal age – 30+).

Price: 14 490 rub.

Olga Shemonaeva.

Plastic surgeon.

Redenyal Acido Ialuronico face cream 0,2%

The composition includes hyaluronic acid in a low concentration, due to which it does not provoke morning edema when used before bedtime. The cream is saturated with amino acids and plant extracts. Thanks to him, I don’t need any foundation and matting agents. – even complexion, no inflammation, softness and necessary skin hydration.

Serum for face DermaClear Serum, Dermaquest.

Perfectly moisturizes, removes hyperkeratosis, opens and cleanses pores. I love this serum very much for its pleasant aroma and amazing results. It is felt that the product gives not just a cosmetic effect, but really cares.

Angelica Uzhva.

Dermatocosmetologist. Specialist of the “Time of Beauty” center

Matting cream Clearing T-care Cream, Sferangs.

This cream from the Korean brand Sferangs is specially designed for oily and problem skin. It will also work if you have acne. The product contains loess extract – a type of clay rich in minerals. It cleanses the skin without causing irritation. Also among the components there are plant extracts (tea tree, hyssop, buddley), which work as antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory effects. Bonus: the cream cleanses the pores and normalizes the sebaceous glands, leaving the skin matte.

Cream for problem skin Wonder Cream, Purity Herbs Island.

He has a specific «pharmacy» smell, no fragrances, only natural ingredients. I love all the products from the Icelandic brand Purity Herbs Island, but this is especially recommended for oily problem skin. It contains Icelandic moss extract (antibacterial properties), celandine (soothes the skin), glacial water (normalizes water balance). Apply morning and evening cream to cleansed skin.

Sebum-regulating and kerato-regulating cream Cleanance K, Avene.

This cream from Avene contains glycolic and salicylic acids, so I advise you to apply it in the evening, so as not to increase your skin’s sensitivity to UV rays. It is a non-comedogenic agent (it does not clog pores and does not provoke rashes), therefore it is definitely suitable for people with oily problem skin. With regular use, the cream will even out the complexion and reduce age spots. The product can be used from 12 years old.

Correcting balm Derma Blemish Balm, Cell Fusion C.

I recommend this product of the Korean brand Cell Fusion C to clients after invasive cosmetic procedures: biorevitalization, mesotherapy and others. One of the main tasks – improve cell regeneration. Its use – a guarantee that you will not have dryness and flaking after the procedure with a beautician.

The balm will help out if you have sensitive skin with irritations., – removes redness and inflammation and protects against pigmentation (for this, there is arbutin in the composition). Aloe juice, ailant and matricaria extracts have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Use it daily – apply to cleansed skin.

Natalya Rodina.

Cosmetologist at the White Garden Health and Beauty Center

Cream UV-Osk SPF 30, Tebiskin.

The main feature of the SPF-series of the Italian brand Tebiskin – a wide variety of sunscreens. This is specially created for oily and problem skin (not all brands have such). In addition to the fact that the cream protects against ultraviolet rays, it also mattifies and regulates the production of sebum. Doesn’t clog pores.

Blossom Cerate cream, Joëlle Ciocco.

The consistency of the cream resembles wax. It contains royal jelly, apricot oil, essential oils of mimosa, rose, narcissus. The tool helps out if you dry or chapped your skin. Apply it under the cream or use as a mask after sun exposure if you feel dry. Suitable for all skin types.

Natalia Egorenkova.


Cream Kiwicha Night Cream, Klapp.

The German brand was founded by naturopathic physician Gerhard Klapp in 1980. One of the brand’s innovations – ASA Peel with five fruit acids in the composition, developed in the mid-80s and patented by the Klapp group of companies. Dr. Klapp was one of the first to use vitamins A and C in cosmetics.

The base of this cream – oil of amaranth caudate, which grows in South America and was actively used by the Incas (hence the name of the series of products – «Kiwicha»). The oil contains vitamins A, D, B1, B2, which penetrate deep into the epidermis due to squalene (a conductor component), moisturize and nourish the skin. The cream is very light, it is not felt after application. It contains plant components (except for amaranth oil, there are peanut oils, jojoba, rosemary leaf extract, aloe vera), no gluten, mineral and silicone oils, synthetic fragrances and dyes.

Price: 4100 rub.

Night cream «Pink infusion», Académie Scientifique de Beauté

The oldest European brand was created by Dr. Alexander Lamotte in 1980. An important fact: the brand has been creating collagen creams since 1936, on average in each Acad productémie Scientifique de Beauté 30 natural ingredients.

In cream «Pink infusion» it is olive oil, cypress essential oil, mimosa wax, jojoba, shea and macadamia oils, French peach extract. Oils strengthen the skin and create a film that protects the skin from moisture loss.

Apply with massage movements.

Night renewing cream Perfect Skin Refiner, Teoxane.

I advise the product to clients with pigmentation. It brightens the skin, shrinks pores and gives the face a healthy glow. The composition contains glycolic (about 10%), hyaluronic acids and the Novhyal component® G (Teoxane patent) – a precursor of hyaluronic acid that strengthens the epidermis and dermis and accelerates metabolic processes. After the release of the cream, Teoxane conducted a test on 24 volunteers who used the product for 15 days, after which the cosmetologists and they themselves diagnosed the visible skin improvements, which I described above..

Phytocell Arganight Cream, Cholley.

The cream is good for dry and very dry skin, but it is suitable if you need emergency hydration (after a vacation at sea, for example). Massage it on your face and «driving in» fingers around the neck and décolleté. The IC-RAMP technology patented by the Swiss brand is based on the ability of the skin to regenerate at the intercellular level (this is how the skin heals after a cut, for example).

Cholley products stimulate the production of fibroblasts that produce the extracellular matrix: collagen and elastane. The main component of the cream – argan stem cell extract. Since this is a plant – endangered and protected by UNESCO, using a patented technology for extracting stem cells from small parts of argan. Other active ingredients that stimulate skin renewal, – extracts of crocus bulb and bitter wormwood.

Turn Over Stimulating Night Cream, Dermaceutic.

It is an anti-aging cream that can be used from the age of 30 – it fights the first signs of aging and stimulates cell renewal. After regular use, the skin becomes soft and the face – fresh.

As part of glycolic acid, which works as a light peeling, it reduces the adhesion of keratin cells in the stratum corneum of the epidermis and exfoliates dead particles. Avoid the eye area when applying.

Ksenia Wagner.

Creative Director BeautyHack.

Night cream Predermine Sculpting Night Cream, Darphin.

In consistency, it is dense, like frozen butter, which is appropriate and logical for the night. – Unlike other times of the day, at night we are in no hurry and do not activate facial expressions, which means it is easier for a dense product to absorb properly and do its job.

The cream is anti-aging and too early for me. Its main action – modeling. Elasticity, stimulation of collagen production, lifting and all that (although he attacks mimic wrinkles, and I have them, like chatsky’s torment, a million).

The composition is 84% ​​natural, the main players in it – extract of leaves of tripoli, tuberose and Florentine iris root. To me, not a chemist or a dermatologist, these beautiful words do not mean anything, but a promise from a press release «instantly increase skin density» – really not a joke. After application and light massage with a special spatula, you really get the feeling that you have put on a corset on your face – it is, as it were, everything cheers up and tightens. I don’t even want to sleep.

At the same time, unlike many anti-age products, the cream does not tighten the skin, on the contrary, it nourishes it well due to the fact that in addition to the listed magical seven-flowered flowers, there is also vitamin E.

Like all Darphin products, the cream smells great and in general, from its use, solid endorphins – massage with a beautiful paddle, «expensive» consistency (dense, but not vaseline), girlish pink jar. The scapula, by the way, is a really effective thing, or rather, the massage that it provides. The brand has been practicing special modeling massage techniques throughout its history, that is, for almost 60 years. In Europe, women have been sitting on Darphin for years (go to any Parisian pharmacy and be sure to see a light green stand), and in general the brand is represented in 45 countries.

If you have something to model or it’s time to attend to the prevention of this issue, if your skin is prone to dryness, and also if you like dense texture and ritual in care, you can take Predermine on a pencil. Although I don’t need a facelift yet, I still use my jar because the nutrition and revitalization are great too..

Karina Andreeva.

Chief Editor of BeautyHack.

Creams Moisture Surge and Dramatically Different, Clinique.

These two remedies I call the real saviors of my dry skin. Dramatically Different (thicker in texture) is most often used in winter, and the lighter Moisture Surge – in summer or as a makeup base.

Dramatically Different – This is a pale yellow gel, when applied to the skin, it seems oily, although no oils were found in the composition. Works for «five+» – copes with peeling and perfectly nourishes the skin. Very often I apply it in a greasy layer like a night mask: it is absorbed in 20 minutes, so you can not be afraid to stain your pillow. Contains sodium hyaluronate and glycerin for intense hydration. Skin is strengthened with sunflower seed oil, barley and cucumber extracts in the formula.

Moisture Surge – an excellent choice for moisturizing the skin. It contains aloe water, which restores the skin’s moisture barrier, while vitamins C, E and green tea provide a powerful antioxidant effect. Absorbs in the first two minutes – after 15-20 you can already apply the foundation.

Serum Hydra Boost Serum, Elemis.

The gel serum of the legendary English brand is absorbed instantly. I applied it in the morning before my moisturizer. After a couple of days, I noticed that the skin became healthier and denser: for this I fell in love with this remedy. Contains nere seed extract – helps the skin retain moisture. Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Mandarin Oils nourish and soften it.

Cream Rose Facial Cream, Ausganica.

The texture of this cream resembles whipped cream. – soft and airy. It was absorbed in a minute and moisturized the skin. Rich in a complex of nutritious ingredients – extract of olive leaves, rose hips, hibiscus, rose and beaks. It smells like a rose. If using in the morning, blot with a napkin before applying foundation..

Face Cream Crème Riche Hydrante, Eisenberg.

My main problem – the skin is peeling in the area around the eyes and in the area of ​​the nose, and especially in winter. This tool has been helping me out for years. – when the problem intensifies with renewed vigor, first I use it in the morning and evening for two days, and then once a day (usually in the morning). The cream envelops the skin – for moisturizing and nutrition, the composition contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E, evening primrose and macadamia oils, lemon and orange essential oils. I love it because it is not greasy in texture and after it you can start makeup – it is enough to wait 5-7 minutes until the balm is absorbed. Copes with peeling on «excellent», and the skin looks hydrated and nourished. I put it on my lips instead of a balm – great idea if you have plans for a matte lipstick all day.

Face cream Regenera II, Valmont.

Cream of light yellow color, very oily and rich in texture – immediately there was a feeling that it would nourish the skin one hundred percent, and the instinct did not disappoint. the main thing – do not apply too much before going outside: one pea of ​​cream is enough for the whole face (otherwise it will shine strongly, which is not very comfortable). But you can forget about applying makeup immediately after – I recommend you wait at least an hour. I love to use it before jogging in the park in winter. It protects from frost perfectly, and the skin is incredibly soft and velvety to the touch already after an hour and a half after application (when the product is absorbed for sure) (even if there were peeling before). By the way, the manufacturer advises to warm up the product in your hands before use. – I tried – then distributed on the skin with massage movements.

I use it as a mask at night – I apply a little more product than in the morning (two or three peas all over my face), keep it for 30-40 minutes, after which I remove the residues with a napkin. Despite the fact that my skin is young and it’s too early for me to think about anti-aging care, I still liked the cream – dry skin is especially prone to the early appearance of wrinkles, and the product prevents these processes. I drew attention to the interesting composition of the formula: triple DNA, RNA and Peptides +

Face cream Argan Nourishing Cream Skinovage PX, Babor.

A special plus of funds – suitable for all skin types. This cream revived my dry (and even too much after the Moscow cold!) In a couple of days. I recommend applying it in the morning before going outside, when makeup is needed only in the evening. All day long, the product will nourish the skin and protect from cold weather. The texture of this peach-colored gel is not too greasy, but you can’t call it light either..

In the composition of argan oil, macadamia nut, shea, avocado, mango, pomegranate seed extract (optimizes the distribution of moisture inside the skin), as well as alpine stem cells to prevent premature aging. I love that the product removes the feeling of tightness and moisturizes perfectly».

Daria Sizova.

BeautyHack Editor.

Renight Nourishing Vitamin Cream Comfort Zone.

I have dry skin, and in winter it turns into the Sahara Desert. Therefore, I cannot do without night care in order to somehow reanimate the skin after a day in the cold and wind. Renight cream contains 88% natural ingredients, including skin revitalizers such as shea butter, goji berry, macadamia, jojoba and vitamin E.

I apply the cream at night, after cleansing the skin with a toner. During the night, it nourishes the skin, and in the morning it looks firm and taut! I think this is due to the hyaluronic acid in the composition.

Protective soothing face cream Pur Confort, Guinot.

In cold weather, any skin becomes sensitive, so gentle and soothing care will not be superfluous. Guinot cream is ideal for young ladies who, leaving the house, immediately become the heroines of a fairy tale «Morozko». When applying, there is a feeling that a light veil lies on the face, but the cream is absorbed very quickly: you will not have time to finish your coffee, as you can apply the foundation. Any, even the most capricious tone will fall flat (I checked!).

But it is better to use the product during the day. – it will not be enough for night protection. Big bonus – SPF in the composition, which is needed in winter».

Face cream Eau Thermale Light Water Cream SPF20, Uriage.

My find – light water-based cream from Uriage. I use in the morning – it is lightweight and does a great job of a makeup base. The main component of the cream – thermal water. Moisturizing for the whole day is enough. Doesn’t clog pores.

Nourishing cream 24 hours Crème Nutrisysteme 24 H, Methode Cholley.

When my skin needs extra nourishment, this Swiss brand cream comes to the rescue. It has a soft texture that is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy film. And the skin feels nourished all day long. Bonus – composition that is rich in vitamins and chamomile extract. With regular use, the skin becomes more elastic and firm.

Face cream «Honey pot», Organic kitchen.

I dearly love budget funds. Find good cosmetics among the brands available – my hobby. This cream – one of the best finds in recent years. I use it at night when I need it «heavy artillery», to moisturize and nourish the skin after several coats of makeup. It contains natural ingredients. Main – organic honey responsible for deep hydration. be careful – the product is absorbed for a long time. Instantly rolls off if applied before makeup.

Anastasia Speranskaya.

BeautyHack Editor.

Moisturizing face cream Ultra Facial Cream, Kiehl’s.

Back in 1851, the Dutchman John Keel opened a pharmacy in New York and installed a skeleton in it to explain to the client the structure of the human body and the purpose of drugs. Now about 800 of these skeletons meet customers in Kiehl stores.’s all over the world. The brand gained unprecedented popularity, and even the mayor of New York proclaimed November 12 as Brand Day (by the way, now Kiehl’s a cool action is taking place in Russia).

It is not surprising that over such a long history, the brand has many bestsellers, one of which – Ultra Facial cream. After the first application, I understood why so many people love him. – This is an absolutely standard and very high quality moisturizer for the face. Standard – because it suits any skin type, since the texture is not too oily, but also moderately nourishing. Another plus – the cream is not afraid of cold weather, it was even tested during an expedition to Greenland and climbing Everest. After application, the skin feels comfortable, as if it was wrapped in a soft blanket, – irritation and redness go away and the face remains hydrated throughout the day.

Contains a moisturizing oil squalane derived from olives – it is well compatible with subcutaneous fat, as well as antarticin – mined, you guessed it, in Antarctica. Together they protect the skin from dryness and damage at the lowest possible temperatures, and it is thanks to this magical «tandem» you can forget about peeling in winter once and for all».

Moisturizing cream with ceramides Good Cera Super Ceramide Cream, Holika Holika.

Many thanks to the Korean brand Holika Holika for taking such care of us, the owners of sensitive skin, which suffers so much in winter. Ceramide cream is part of a special line of products designed specifically for dry and irritated skin..

The canary-colored jar hides a creamy texture that seems very dense at first glance. When applied, the cream does not melt and is not absorbed in seconds, like water, but as if enveloping the skin, like a moisturizing mask. My skin does not need such intense hydration, but, to my surprise, the cream did not leave a greasy film, but smoothed the skin and even made it a little matte. There is not even a trace of small peeling – this is the merit of ceramides, which make the skin soft and silky. The cream also contains enzymes that stimulate skin renewal, and my favorite lavender oil – it relieves irritation and relieves the visible symptoms of stress. An additional bonus for lovers of natural cosmetics – the cream contains no mineral oils, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances and other chemicals.

Nourishing face cream Nourishing Face Cream, Dr. Konopka’s.

If you have ever wondered who Doctor Konopka is and why the brand was named after him, I tell you: this is a Tallinn pharmacist who has decided to devote his whole life to studying medicinal herbs and creating ideal products for skin and hair. In 1938, he published a whole book of recipes with his own money, but due to the fact that the circulation was small, the book went unnoticed. And now, after 75 years, they decided to revive the recipes of the talented pharmacist – this is how a well-known brand appeared.

A nourishing face cream with a history too – it contains essences based on the medicinal herbs of Dr. Konopka. The product with a very dense texture resembles slightly melted butter. – it is a pleasure to apply on dry and dehydrated skin. Contains vitamins, fatty acids and sea buckthorn fruit oil – they provide the skin with the necessary nourishment in winter and prevent moisture loss, enhancing the protective functions. I advise you to apply either half an hour before makeup, or at night – the cream takes time to be absorbed completely. But then the skin becomes soft and smooth, the foundation fits perfectly on it, and the oily sheen does not appear during the day».

Night cream Night Recovery Cream-Oil, Elemis.

Peptide cosmetics have long won the hearts of those who want to return the skin to youth and freshness, as peptides (or simply organic proteins) start the process of rejuvenation and stimulate cell renewal. Despite the impressive hydration, the night cream oil is instantly absorbed into the skin and does not leave a greasy film on the face..

You don’t have to wait long for the product to be absorbed and be afraid to leave greasy marks on the pillow. In the morning, the skin looks smooth and radiant, like a Disney princess, as if you have slept for at least 10 hours. Night violet oil in the composition will not leave indifferent lovers of cosmetics with a pleasant aroma – What’s more, the warm floral notes are great for helping me tune in to deep, healthy sleep.

Face cream L’Oxygenante In-Tense, Aura Chakè

If you have been looking for a cream that will make you feel luxurious for a long time – try the Aura Chak French dermo-cosmetic maskè. The founder of the brand was inspired by the story of the Egyptian princess Ora Shake, who managed to find the secret of preserving her youth and her appearance did not change throughout her life. Ora cooked «magical» drugs, and the recipes were kept in the strictest confidence.

Of course, you can’t deceive us with such fairy tales, – We don’t need drugs, we need a super cream! So here L’Oxygènante In-Tense instantly makes the skin beautiful – helps to saturate it with oxygen and saves from drying out. Egyptian princesses hardly suffered from polluted city air, but we know about it firsthand. The product enhances the protective functions of the skin, improves the structure and relaxes the facial muscles – and all this thanks to the molecules of perfluorodecoline (try to pronounce this word five times without hesitation). In the composition and plant extracts – they saturate the skin with vitamins and protect against temperature changes.

Natalia Kapitsa.

BeautyHack Editor.

Moisturizing gel without oils Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel-Cream, Kiehl’s.

For a long time I could not find myself a face cream – from the majority, the skin began to shine strongly within an hour after application. The beautician advised to pay attention to fluids and gels. Kiehl oil-free product’s – love from the first application. A lightweight, virtually odorless gel that glides on easily, absorbs in seconds and instantly smoothes skin. Contains no silicones, parabens or fragrances – Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel-Cream is made according to all the laws of the right organic matter. I apply in the morning and in the evening every day. Can be used as a makeup base – the tonal base lays down on the gel smoother, and the face begins to shine only by the end of the day.

Cream with lifting effect Sublime Skin Serum, Comfort Zone.

For the first time I came across this tool in a travel kit miniature – by the way, a very convenient thing for those who like to travel with hand luggage.

I have no wrinkles yet, but in the area of ​​the nasolabial folds a small hall has formed – «Thank you» active facial expressions. Regular use of Sublime Skin Serum helped to get rid of this «troubles». The cream perfectly moisturizes and improves elasticity.

On oily skin, the product behaves perfectly – no film and shine. I only apply cream on creases – works!


For oily skin prone to breakouts, Sudokrem must be on the shelf. A pharmacy product based on zinc oxide, within a few hours after application, relieves redness, irritation and inflammation. Additional components: cinnamite – substances with antifungal properties, lanolin, skin soothing, benzoate – promotes skin regeneration and epithelial growth. Sudokrem is good for eczema, sunburn, abrasions, inflammatory elements on the skin.

To quickly get rid of rashes, I apply the product at night, and in the morning I do glycolic peeling. – everything.

Moisturizing cream Ultra Rich Moisturiser Cream, Ultraceuticals.

Moisturizing and oily skin – two difficult to combine concepts. It’s easier to find a needle in a haystack than a nourishing cream that won’t cover your face with a thick layer of gloss in the T-zone. Ultraceuticals succeeded in this mission! Despite the fact that the packaging says «for dry to very dry skin», my fat one was grateful to him for velvety, smoothness and 100% matte. The consistency of the cream is more like melted ice cream. – it is thick and dense. A special spoon is provided for application – there is no chance to overdo it with precious grams and then think about where else to apply the excess. Ultra Rich Moisturiser Cream is instantly absorbed without leaving a greasy film. The cream has an excellent composition: shea butter, linoleic acid, ceramides, vitamin E, panthenol – powerful artillery against flaking, irritation and dryness. The product must be on the shelf for lovers of peels – after retinol, it quickly soothed irritated skin. I use it both in the morning and in the evening – cosmetics lie flat and do not float.

Yulia Kozoliy.

BeautyHack Editor.

Ultra Nourishing Facial Comfort Cream «Shea», L’Occitane.

«The basis of the tool – shea butter. In the composition of the cream, it is exactly 25%. Thanks to this, the concentration of the cream is very dense, reminiscent of a butter. At the same time, the cream is instantly absorbed, does not leave a greasy sheen and is very economically consumed! I have been using it for a month, and the amount of funds has decreased by only one-tenth. My skin is capriciously accepts any oily textures, but with this cream they look like «sang». In the morning and in the evening, it absorbs everything to the last drop, and I do not feel discomfort and can immediately apply tone».

Delicate nourishing cream Mandel Wohltuende Gesichtscreme, Weleda.

I recommend this cream to owners of dry skin or to those who need hypernutrition in winter. I belong to the second category of beautiholics, so I do not use the Weleda remedy every day or hand it to my husband when he complains of skin dry from frost and winds.

The main component of the cream – almond oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. It also contains plum seed oil and beeswax – only nine components. This mix really nourishes, but also leaves an oily sheen if you have mixed skin type. Therefore, I do not advise you to apply it immediately before makeup. Wait for the product to be absorbed.

Weleda experts recommend the entire almond line (except for creams, it contains milk and oil) for sensitive skin prone to redness. The composition does not contain perfumery fragrances, so the cream will not cause additional irritation».

Anastasia Lyagushkina.

Correspondent BeautyHack.

Universal cream for the face Cream Expert Rhodiola Power Cream, Vprove.

The cream is enclosed in a 35 ml tube. This will delight those who are not used to reaching into a jar of product with their hands. I simply squeeze out the required amount of cream (the applicator helps to control the volume) and close the lid. Residues do not run out and do not stain the tube.

The cream is part of the hypoallergenic Expert line, so it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. The product itself is very light, gentle, has an unobtrusive sweet aroma of ginseng and jojoba. Aloe vera and rhodiola in the composition are responsible for moisturizing and restoring the skin. You can apply it topically to deal with flaking. In any case, there will be no greasy and sticky film».

Moisturizing cream sorbet Creme Sorbet hydratante, Caudalie.

Delicate pink strawberry ice cream packaging and a delicious name «Cream Sorbet» insistently indicate that a whipped, airy dessert for the skin awaits inside. The cream really resembles berry mousse, sorbet or whipped cream. The product lays on the skin with a light layer, is instantly absorbed and perfectly moisturizes.

In winter, my skin, like most people, becomes more sensitive. This is reflected in the appearance of redness and dryness. Caudalie Cream does it all well! A couple of minutes after application, you can do makeup without using an additional base or primer.».

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