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The best sewing machines of 2021.

The best sewing machines of 2021.

Every day, the market for this technology is constantly replenished with new classic and highly specialized solutions for both domestic and commercial use. Given this circumstance, in our ranking of sewing machines in 2021, models of the following types are collected:

Electromechanical – the classic and most common devices, lacking “smart” control, that is, all parameters must be set manually. Typically, such inventions are designed to work with a basic set of seams. Computerized – such inventions have a built-in chip to control the sewing process. Obviously, sewing machines of this type support more options, they are more accurate and easier to set up. Embroidery is a relatively highly specialized type of technique, designed more for sewing patterns. Representatives of this class cope with ordinary sewing and hemming in rare cases..

There are other types, but due to the weightless demand, we do not consider them. We are interested in household devices.

Ranking of the best sewing machines of 2021.

Category Place Name Price Good inexpensive sewing machines 5 Aurora STYLE 3 6 990 ₽ 4 Brother M-14 6 990 ₽ 3 Singer Fashion Mate 2290 7 500 ₽ 2 Janome Juno 523 8 990 ₽ 1 Brother LX-700 9 000 ₽ The best sewing machines for Home 5 Janome 450MG 16,500 ₽ 4 Husqvarna Viking E 20 14,500 ₽ 3 Bernina Bernette B35 23,000 ₽ 2 Brother FS-40 16,000 ₽ 1 Janome My Excel W23U 21,000 ₽ Best professional sewing machines 5 Pfaff Smarter 140S 21,000 ₽ 4 Juki Majestic M-200E 29 990 ₽ 3 Micron Classic 1037 35 000 ₽ 2 Brother INNOV-'IS 950 RUR 33,000 1 Janome Decor Excel Pro 5124 RUR 31,000

Good inexpensive sewing machines.

This category contains budget models from different manufacturers, not just niche leaders. They are positioned as good and convenient solutions for household needs, as well as for novice users. At the same time, with the help of the sewing machines presented below, you do not have to sacrifice ease of use, since we paid due attention to customer reviews. As for the number of sewing operations, it is obvious that the described models have modest characteristics..

Aurora STYLE 3.

The top 15 sewing machines are opened by the budget model Aurora STYLE 3, which can be an excellent solution for novice users. The device combines a stylish design, which is not typical for this segment, with a fairly productive, quiet operation. In addition, the manufacturer has taken care of the availability of high-quality protection of the power plant. Judging by the comments of buyers, when operating the machine, pleasant tactile sensations are experienced, which is due to the presence of a special Soft touch coating on the selector. The foot adapter is made of durable metal. The vibration was reduced by the adjustable feet. As for the technical characteristics, things are modest here. The machine can handle 10 sewing operations, including semi-automatic buttonholes, zigzag stitches, blind stitches and others. The advantages of this model include a large working area, reverse, rubberized handles and quick change of the foot..

excellent coverage; comfortable model; good design; durable parts.

not the most popular brand; modest parameters.

Brother M-14.

We are talking about a good budget electromechanical sewing machine from one of the leaders in the production of this technique. The Brother M-14 is great for everyday household tasks, including hemming trousers, sewing buttonholes or repairing seams on a variety of clothes. The model attracts with its compact size, reliable body. At the same time, the model works silently and is extremely easy to operate. The brand’s experience (more than 100 years on the market) and a responsible attitude to work can be seen in every detail. At the same time, it is difficult to slander the characteristics of the inexpensive M-14, which supports 14 built-in stitches and the ability to overcast a buttonhole in 4 steps. Good LED lighting is provided, as well as automatic bobbin winding. Another advantage is the “Free arm” function.

14 built-in lines; many options; top manufacturer; good lighting.

simple equipment.

Singer Fashion Mate 2290.

If you don’t know which budget sewing machine to buy, we recommend paying attention to the Singer Fashion Mate 2290 model with support for 6 working stitches and 3 decorative ones. In addition, a buttonhole has been implemented. In fairness, it should be noted that this is also one of the leaders in the field of equipment production, so there is no doubt about the reliability and service life of the model. However, sometimes you have to overpay for the status of the brand, which is manifested in the limited number of lines and the quality of the implementation of the semiautomatic buttonhole. However, the maximum and minimum stitch length at the level, there is a double needle, reverse and thread winding on the bobbin. Users speak positively about convenience, design and loyal price.

life time; neat design; simple control.

number of lines.

Janome Juno 523.

The Janome Juno 523 is a decent, inexpensive sewing machine for several reasons. First, the machine supports 21 sewing operations, which is a rare occurrence in this category. Secondly, the simple electromechanical control is a nice bonus. In addition, the manufacturer has taken care of the long service life of the equipment. The device allows you to create an automatic buttonhole, easily adjust the stitch width. The design has a high-quality regulator that is responsible for the tension of the thread. In addition, the engineers of this company took care of a user-friendly control panel. The power consumption of this invention is 60 watts. There is a regulator of length and stitch width in the range of 4 and 5 millimeters, respectively.

good quality; many tasks; convenient control; excellent regulator.

not detected.

Brother LX-700.

The best low-cost sewing machine of 2021 is the Brother LX-700, equipped with an advanced mechanism and a good range of features. The device is capable of stitching elastic as well as satin stitches in addition to the standard set of tasks. Another advantage is the simple threading of the lower thread, which is justified by the presence of the horizontal position of the shuttle. Based on customer comments, this household assistant is not afraid of thickened seams. In addition, the model copes well with dense materials. Due to the presence of a reliable stabilizer of puncture forces, the occurrence of skipped stitches is minimized. At the same time, the Japanese technology manufacturer took care of supporting 16 sewing operations, including satin satin stitches..

many sewing operations; quality of construction; stylish design; good functionality.

not found.

The best sewing machines for the home.

This category contains electromechanical and computerized models that have an adequate price / quality ratio. However, it should be said right away that such a technique is already designed to be used by people who have some experience. A negligent understanding of the device and the requirements for work can lead to breakdowns. Assembled models in this category support more stitching, more expensive parts and longer lifespan.

Janome 450MG.

The Janome 450MG model, capable of working with 50 stitches, is added to the rating of sewing machines for the home. Each sewing operation is displayed on the LCD screen. Among other things, the computer sewing machine supports three types of buttonholes, which are sewn according to the required button size. The shuttle guarantees quiet operation as well as smooth running. The device with microprocessor control is convenient when working with elements of embroidery along the contour. The power of the power plant is 35 W. There is no presser foot in the design. Based on customer comments, the model is quite reliable, it works stably, but it requires some experience in operation.

excellent build; good power; good handling; 50 types of stitches available.

there are more powerful models in the line.

Husqvarna Viking E 20.

It is a good vertical hook sewing machine with 35 operations support. Based on customer comments, the machine supports a full range of knit, bridging, and overlock stitches. The combination of a metal bed with a high-quality stitch plate deserves special attention. In addition, the manufacturer has provided a good pressure regulator for the presser foot. A wide range of operation is guaranteed by the front, side and rear tines of the conveyor. This allows you to work with a variety of materials: from stretch to dense knitted fabrics. Comfort in work is guaranteed by the regulator of length and stitch width. There is no need to find fault with the quality of the automatic loop.

many sewing operations; quality of construction; scope of operation; work with dense fabrics.

unpretentious lighting.

Bernina Bernette B35.

A reliable Swiss brand regularly pleases with high-quality sewing machines for the home, and this is confirmed by the Bernina Bernette B35 model with support for 23 sewing operations. Obviously, a technique of this level is suitable for working with different types of fabrics. However, success in work depends in part on the experience and skills of the user. The developers recommend placing the machine on a flat surface, as the vibration level is quite high. The power of the device is 60 W, and another 5 W is used to illuminate the working area. It’s really convenient and the LED light works great. For stable operation, the manufacturer took care of the presence of an internal metal frame. An anti-corrosion coating is applied on top of it. If available, two metal coils are available. Features include a high-quality needle threader, a good swinging hook, and an advanced double foot lift..

high power; excellent build; bright design; double foot lift.

few lines.

Brother FS-40.

Definitely one of the best overlock sewing machines for the home user. Brother FS-40 features a wide selection of stitches, automatic buttonhole sewing, and the ability to process fabrics of different thicknesses and weights. The computerized model is capable of performing up to 40 sewing tasks, including 5 types of buttonholes. The structure of the apparatus includes a liquid crystal screen, supports sewing with a twin needle. Implemented control of needle positioning and loop balancing. There is a sewing speed regulator located on the body of the machine. The 7-segment conveyor rail has been rated positively by many users..

balancing the loop; 40 sewing operations; 5 different loops; high-quality assembly; adequate price.

not found.

Janome My Excel W23U.

The best sewing machine for the home in 2021 is the Janome My Excel W23U model, which attracts with good value for money and functionality. It can be seen “with the naked eye” that the manufacturer has taken care of even the smallest details, engaged in the production of this technique. In particular, this is manifested in the presence of a lamp for illuminating the working area, as well as smooth speed control. This allows you to carry out a neat finishing line without any problems. At the same time, the sewing machine is excellent for sewing a variety of fabrics, regardless of thickness and structure. Engineers of the leading manufacturer of such equipment have taken care of the availability of adjusting the presser foot. I am glad with the quality of realization of the shuttle with an extremely simple filling. Supports 23 different types of stitches.

excellent lighting; build quality; power adjustment; optimal parameters.

Best professional sewing machines.

Models of different types are presented in this category, but they are all united by the price and attitude to the premium segment. For obvious reasons, the devices presented below have a wider scope of application. They have expensive parts, from the needle giver to the power plant. These sewing machines are more powerful, more convenient and more reliable. However, in addition to the high price tag, they provide for the presence of certain skills. It is quite difficult to understand the control features of even computerized models without some experience, but it is possible.

Pfaff Smarter 140S.

Considering premium sewing machines, it is worth noting the Pfaff Smarter 140S model from a fairly well-known German company. In particular, this model can be found in the vastness of many professional sewing organizations. Power and reliability enough to work with a wide variety of types of fabrics, including dense materials. At the same time, the characteristics are very modest: 21 sewing programs have been implemented, there is a horizontal shuttle and a needle threader of standard quality for this price category. Many users are dissatisfied with the quality of the pedal that controls the sewing speed. Otherwise, there is nothing to complain about. The device has bright backlighting and a good metal frame. In this case, the weight of the structure is 8.8 kilograms..

convenient needle threader; sewing speed; excellent build; good backlight.

few programs.

Juki Majestic M-200E.

In the category of professional computerized sewing machines, the Juki Majestic M-200E model, created by a reputable Japanese manufacturer, looks solid. The main feature of this technique is the execution of 197 sewing programs, including 1 alphabet. The advantages of the device include a durable automatic needle threader, as well as a start and stop button, respectively. There is a convenient reverse, as well as the ability to pin the line. The maximum sewing speed at the same time reaches almost a record 800 lines per minute. Obviously, this machine is perfect for working with different types of fabrics. Density and structure do not matter..

almost 200 sewing programs; support for 800 lines per minute; excellent body; expensive power plant.

little-known brand.

Micron Classic 1037.

The developer himself positions the Micron Classic 1037 as a good semi-professional sewing machine that is suitable for both beginners and professionals. What can be said unambiguously is that the device meets the leading quality standards. The entire Micron Classic line works perfectly with different types of fabrics, guaranteeing high comfort when performing difficult tasks. At the same time, the power of the power plant is 90 W, which is enough to work with the most complex and dense fabrics. Moreover, customer comments indicate the possibility of using equipment for patchwork sewing, artistic embroidery, quilting materials. Attracted by the increased height of the presser foot, as well as the implementation of 82 sewing operations. You can carry out the most daring decisions.

power 90 W; many sewing operations; reliable manufacturer; thoughtful design.

few on sale.

Brother INNOV-'IS 950.

One of the most worthy embroidery machines this year is the Brother Innov-is 950 model, which is not only simple, but also convenient to perform various sewing operations. The machine handles 129 types of stitches at a speed of 400 stitches per minute. All parts are made of high quality materials, which speaks of reliability and long service life. In the design, you can find a quality horizontal shuttle type. In addition, the device features a stylish design and easy adjustment of the thread tension. The selected parameters are displayed on the screen. You can use a double needle, overlock stitching is implemented. The maximum embroidery area is 100 x 100 mm..

many embroidery patterns; excellent quality of parts; high power; support for 10 loops.

Janome Decor Excel Pro 5124.

The best professional sewing machine of 2021 is the Janome Decor Excel Pro 5124 model, which attracts with its compact size and light weight. The device attracts with its stylish design, practicality and high usability. Of course, the design uses a horizontal type of shuttle, which is a significant advantage, because there is no need to adjust the thread tension. At the same time, even a novice user can handle refueling. It is not hard to guess that the technique supports many operations, you can lay out various types of strings. Of the features, a powerful lower conveyor can be distinguished, which guarantees easy movement of dense fabrics. You can turn it off for darning..

high efficiency; thoughtful design; simple control; wide scope.

not found.

How to choose a good sewing machine?

If, among all the variety of presented models, it was not possible to find a suitable solution, we recommend that you analyze and take into account which brands are more products. We did not ignore the credibility of the leading manufacturers in our ranking. If you do not know how to choose a sewing machine, also do not forget about the following characteristics:

The hook type is a device designed to feed the lower thread, and a bobbin with thread is installed in it, as you understand. Current models use a swinging shuttle (a simple, budgetary option, but reliable) and a vertical rotary shuttle (since the shuttle does not swing, but rotates, such devices are more expensive and guarantee greater accuracy). The method of forming a loop – there is an automatic (simple and convenient option, but more expensive) and semi-automatic (the formation of a loop is performed in several movements). The number of lines – the higher the number, the wider the possibilities of the technique. In electromechanical devices with overlocks, it is optimal in the region of 25 lines. In computerized counterparts, there can be many times more. The number of loops – the greater this indicator, the less likely it is that the machine will not have a loop of the required type, respectively, for working with a certain fabric. Sewing speed – the more stitch per minute this or that machine can perform, the higher the speed. Different work sizes require different numbers. It is desirable to be able to adjust the speed.

We will not talk about adjustments, feet and stitch width (because you need to disclose topics separately) – you can find information about these parameters yourself.

Sewing machine functions.

Reverse is a useful function with which you can switch the direction of movement of the blade under the needle. Regardless of the type of sewing machine, this option is useful. Differential feed – allows you to stretch or collect the fabric while sewing. Useful when working with dense materials. Sewing alphabet letters is an important function for embroidery machines. The option is more common in computer-controlled devices. The sleeve platform is a convenient device that simplifies the work with sleeves, accessories, and trousers. Backlighting is already a necessary component of the design of almost every modern sewing machine, and proper attention should be paid to the quality of lighting. Screen – even a simple segment screen can greatly simplify the operation of the typewriter. A good display is a very useful bonus for novice users..

Which neck machine is better to buy in 2021?

Thus, it is better to start getting to know this segment of technology with budget solutions, but with good build quality and optimal functionality. For advanced users on sale there is an extensive set of electromechanical and computerized analogs that are applicable in everyday life. There are premium models for professionals. If you do not know which sewing machine to buy, proceed from your intentions and interests. As for the opinion of the editorial board, today the leaders are as follows:

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