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Street LED lights.

LED street lights.

Solar powered LED street lights – the so-called All-In-One lights – are innovative, compact and ergonomic solar LED street lights with their own built-in battery in one housing. Our luminaires allow you to solve the problem with lighting anywhere within 30 minutes. One of the conditions should be – the presence of an open sky in the daytime above the lamp. With these luminaires, you will not only solve the problem, but also save money on cabling and electricity bills..

Stand-alone LED street lights are used everywhere, where there is no possibility of connecting to the electrical network due to the lack of it as such, or laying a cable is impossible, or the cost of laying and various approvals would be too expensive a procedure. Considering the low cost and good efficiency of a solar-powered street lamp, as a rule, the decision is made in favor of this type of lantern..

A street lamp with a motion sensor is successfully used for lighting in a suburban area, in the country, at the entrance to a parking space or a garage, and, depending on the power of the lamp, it can be installed at the entrance of a checkpoint. The lantern is installed in a place most illuminated by the sun and works in automatic mode. As a rule, the mode is set as follows – during the day, the flashlight is charged from the sun, and at night, the standby mode is activated, i.e. if there is insufficient lighting and there is movement in the sensor triggering zone, the flashlight automatically turns on for 30-60 seconds, and then goes out if there is no further movement. When a new movement is detected, the flashlight will turn on again and so on, depending on the degree of battery charge and its capacity, street lights can be triggered up to 500 times per night, which is quite enough for solving any tasks.

The mounting methods for street lamps depend on the type of lamp. Compact street lamps for illuminating steps, blind areas or garden paths are usually attached with one or two screws to the wall of the house, on the stairs or on a fence post – the task of such lamps includes orientation on the terrain and there are no great requirements for illumination, therefore, the installation height such luminaires are usually no higher than 1.5 meters from the ground. A more powerful street LED lamp is installed on a 2-3 meter pole and allows you to brightly illuminate the space, for example, for maneuvering a car, loading or unloading a trunk, etc..

Complete with a LED flashlight with a motion sensor, there is a universal mount on a pole, rod or wall. You can choose, consult and buy a street lamp with a motion sensor in our online store. In our showroom, you can not only be convinced of the quality of the product, but also test a suitable one. Prices for LED street lamps vary depending on the brightness and purpose of the lamp and average from 2,000 to 8,000 thousand rubles.

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