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Stationary cellular GSM telephone.

Fixed Cellular GSM Phone.

In country houses or at the dacha, in any other place where a wire telephone line is impossible, a fixed GSM telephone will be an excellent solution to the issue of voice communication. GSM phones are often used commercially in mobile offices, exhibitions, mobile offices, construction sites, etc. A GSM phone is a cell phone that looks like a regular landline phone and has all its functions. You can insert a SIM card of any Russian telecom operator into a fixed GSM phone. If you use a direct number (without specifying an operator code), a call to your GSM phone will be no different from a call to a regular city landline.

Five reasons to buy a GSM landline phone:

A GSM phone will completely replace a regular landline city phone. Unlike a mobile phone, a fixed GSM phone is much more convenient to use for office purposes thanks to large convenient buttons, call forwarding, speakerphone and other familiar functions. To get started, just insert a SIM card into a fixed GSM phone. The rest of the phone will configure itself. If you do not have a SIM card, we will give it to you. Fixed GSM phones have a built-in battery, which will allow you to receive and make calls even without being connected to the mains A fixed GSM phone does not require a telephone cable, telephone number and a contract with a wired telephony service provider.

Which landline GSM phone to buy?

If in the place where you are going to use a fixed GSM phone, there are interruptions with cellular communication, it is recommended to buy a set of a fixed GSM phone and a special external antenna-amplifier of the GSM signal. If the cellular connection is high, a separate GSM phone will suffice. The functionality of GSM phones is approximately the same, so when choosing it, you can safely focus on its appearance and not focus on the characteristics.

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