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Review of hair removal methods.

Overview of hair removal methods.

So what is depilation? This is a cosmetic procedure aimed at removing unwanted hair from various areas of the body. I must say that in some places of hair growth, the skin is very delicate, therefore, painful sensations may occur. Due to the fact that the hair is removed along with the bulb, the skin remains smooth for a long time.

Even our great-grandmothers were involved in removing unwanted hair. It is thanks to their advice and recipes that today we have a wide selection of tools that help carry out the procedure..

A lot of people believe that depilation and epilation are the same procedure, but they are wrong. If you look at the price list of any beauty salon, you can see that they differ in price. The means that the master uses in his work also differ from each other, which gives the right to consider epilation and depilation as different procedures..

Depilation is one of those procedures that can be done at home. Experts distinguish between several ways to cleanse the body of unwanted hair..

Why does hair grow?

Before talking about the methods, it is necessary to explain the process of hair growth, and why, after a certain period of time, shaved areas are covered with new hairs? Human hair consists of a hair follicle, hair follicle and hair body.

If we shave (cut) our hairs, then they will recover very quickly, since the bulb will remain in place. When depilation, it is removed, but the hair, anyway, continues to grow. This is due to the fact that under the skin there are follicles that form new bulbs..

Hair removal and depilation methods (their pros and cons)

So, now you can move on to the main methods of epilation and depilation:

shaving with a razor; plucking with tweezers or electric epilator; chemical method of hair removal; photoepilation, electrolysis, laser waxing and shugaring.

Perhaps the simplest and most affordable method is shaving. It can be done at home as well. The effect of such a procedure will be very short-lived..

Pulling the hair out with tweezers is also a simple but time-consuming method. Unlike shaving, it can be painful. Hair begins to regain its growth after a short period of time..

The chemical method is also considered ineffective. With it, the body of the hair is removed, and the bulb and follicle remain intact, which allows the hair to restore its growth..

The most effective methods are waxing, which involves the use of wax of different temperatures, and shugaring – removal of hairs and bulbs with a sugar mixture..

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