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Review of elite chairs for cafes and restaurants from Scandinavia.

Review of luxury chairs for cafes and restaurants from Scandinavia.

In the past, dining chairs were a privileged item available exclusively to members of high society. Now it is a common element of the interior that is in every home, restaurant and cafe. But if we consider modern design options from Scandinavia, the term is still applicable to them – privileged, elite, premium.

Meet some of Scandinavia’s finest dining group. The material of manufacture is exclusively FSC® certified oak or high quality beech from ecologically clean forests. Upholstery options – handmade genuine leather or exclusive textiles from world famous companies.

1. Dining chair Sibast No. 7.

Timeless, elegant design, designed by cabinetmaker and architect Helge Sibast, is characterized by strict and impeccable lines. Its shapes are instantly recognizable by connoisseurs.

The original craftsman challenges the traditional and boring way of working with natural wood. Note the distinctive molded back. She clearly dominates, giving the product bright individual features. Slightly tapered rear legs create a sense of lightness, adding aristocratic elegance to the chair.

Thanks to the ingenious seat design, the dining chair offers unmatched comfort. It is the embodiment of Scandinavian quality, timeless perfection and flawless lines..

Dining chair Sibast No. 7.

2. Dining chair Sibast No. 8.

Sustainability, durability, functionality and iconic signature design are the reasons for the immense popularity of this expensive designer chair. It features original Y-shaped legs, a comfortable floating seat and a molded backrest.

The unique appearance was achieved thanks to a creative idea and high-quality handmade work. This is an extremely daring and intricate design, perfected by a master. The model embodies convenience and practicality, style and laconic beauty and transcends the boundaries of time and place. The armchair belongs to the true Scandinavian classics and will be a great addition to the interior of the dining area in a house, restaurant or cafe..

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