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Rating of mattresses 2020-2021.

Mattress rating 2020-2021.

Pleasant rest and deep sleep directly depend on the choice of a sleeping place. No one wants to wake up broken, with a stiff neck, numb limbs, back pain, or feeling sleepy. To fill life with positive and give a calm, relaxed sleep, the right product will help you, which can be selected in our rating of mattresses..

A well-chosen filler and a level of rigidity suitable for a particular user will help create exactly the degree of comfort that a person needs for complete relaxation..

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Top 10 best mattresses of 2019-2020.

Ormatek Ocean Wave.

Features of the.

Contains Memorix foam, High-Density Ormafoam and Ormafoam Anatomical support Memory foam mattress Knitted cover.

The one-sided, springless Ocean Wave mattress with a moderate degree of firmness is an excellent choice for people who value comfort and prefer to sleep on a moderately soft yet firm surface or for couples with a large difference in weight. Optimal load for 1 berth – no more than 140 kg.

A distinctive feature of the three-layer model is the combination of several types of Orto Foam orthopedic foam. It is based on high-density hypoallergenic synthetic material. Above it, a cellular orthopena is laid, which distributes the load to all parts of the body and ensures the anatomically correct position of the spine. The upper layer with memory effect creates a feeling of weightlessness, envelops soft tissues, pleasantly relaxes the muscles and does not put pressure on blood vessels.

Removable cover, made of durable stretch jersey, is equipped with a branded 3D mesh on the bottom, which provides good ventilation and contributes to creating a comfortable microclimate.

Ascona Fitness LEADER.

Features of the.

Independent spring unit Fitness 7 zoned Contains Orto Foam and coconut coir Anatomical effect Winter / Summer.

The two-sided seven-zone Fitness LEADER mattress, which is based on blocks of independent springs, belongs to the “Winter-Summer” category. The spirals, visually resembling an hourglass in shape, gently support the spine in the anatomically correct position and evenly distribute the load on vulnerable areas of the body.

One berth can support up to 140 kg. The box is reinforced with orthopedic foam around the perimeter. Laying layers – coconut coir and Orto Foam, which has the ability to memorize the contours of the sleeper and adapt to the characteristics of the physique. Ortho-foam with a relief structure has a light micro-massage effect. Soft layer treated with green tea extract with antibacterial properties.

An elegant cover made of durable NANOtex fabric with silver particles does not cause allergies and skin irritations in sensitive people. Stiffness of the sides – medium to moderately soft.

medium and moderate-medium.


Features of the.

Anatomical effect Double-sided stiffness Block of independent springs 720FLEXZONE Serta Memory Foam.

Reversible mattress SANDERS, which is based on a spring unit with independent spirals with a 4D Spring configuration, is suitable for people with a large build or who prefer to sleep on a moderately firm base.

As a result of active compression, the 720 FLEX ZONE ™ SUPPORT travel system responds point-wise to the applied force, allowing the structure to withstand extreme loads of up to 140 kg per berth. The coils adjust to the weight of the sleeping person and provide local support to all parts of the skeleton, keeping the spine in the anatomically correct position.

Extreme stiffness is provided by natural latex. The second side is characterized by a surface with a medium degree of elasticity and a light micro-massage effect. Memory foam orthopedic foam and breathable Oxy Comfort material increase comfort, relieve muscle tension and create a relaxed, soft cloud feel.

medium and moderately high.

Mediflex SPINE CARE.

Features of the.

Anatomical effect Micro-massage effect 11-zone block of independent springs Contains MediFoam.

The Spine Care reversible mattress is a unique design with an 11-zone spring block Special Adaptive System, in the development of which the famous academician Valentin Dikul took part. The optimal degree of hardness is due to the use of coconut coir, and MediFoam gives a floating sensation and has a light micro-massage effect, without crushing blood vessels and normalizing blood circulation.

The block configuration with self-contained hourglass springs and mini-barrels supports the spine, keeping the skeletal curves in a natural position, and maintains muscle tone. Foam flooring with a porous structure, treated with antimicrobial impregnation and is highly breathable.

There are no weight restrictions. The base thickness is 24 cm. The Mediflex comfort system with silver ions and a cover made of high-quality knitwear with elastic hollotek quilting enhance the performance of the product and create additional comfort during a relaxing period.

Ascona Sleep Style POINT.

Sleep Style POINT.

Features of the.

Anatomical effect Contains Orto Foam 7-zone block of independent springs Knitted cover with impregnation of Aloe Vera.

Above average firmness, a reversible Sleep Style Point spring mattress is an excellent choice for sensitive people who have trouble falling asleep.

The design is based on a block of movable spirals with 7 elastic zones. Seven-zone support allows you to evenly distribute the load created by different areas of the body on the base and eliminate discomfort when changing the position of the resting person.

Embossed foam Orto Foam, with a light micro-massage effect and treated with antimicrobial impregnation Aloe-Vera, helps to create a comfortable microclimate and maintain the optimal temperature of the sleeping place. Latex coconut gives the necessary firmness, and the cover, made of branded knitwear with a quilting of porous hollotec fibers, in combination with a top layer of orthopene, are designed to soften the hard surface and relieve muscle quality. The thickness of the product is 25 centimeters. Weight restrictions – no (over 140 kg).

Sontelle Libre Roll 12 Balance.

Libre Roll 12 Balance.

Features of the.

Double-sided stiffness As part of ekofoam and latex coconut coir Jacquard cover Supplied in a roll.

The two-sided springless mattress Libre Roll 12 Balance with asymmetric rigidity of the sides is designed to adapt the berth to the needs of the user. The elastic properties of the hard side are due to the use of coconut coir and high density orthopedic foam. The moderately hard surface is equipped with EcoFoam, which is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and moisture resistant.

To give the garment optimal softness, a premium quality cotton jacquard cover with a volumetric padding polyester quilting is used. The quilted mattress topper protects the filler from premature abrasion and contamination. A feature of the model is the possibility of compact storage of the mattress in a rolled up state, which also provides convenience during transportation (in the trunk or in the back seat of the car).

moderate and medium.

Ormatek Comfort Duos Middle / Hard.

Comfort Duos Middle / Hard.

Features of the.

SmartSpring unit of independent springs Includes Ormafoam and latex coconut coir Double-sided stiffness Knitted cover.

Reversible mattress with 15-zone body support, with two different degrees of firmness (medium and firm), is suitable for people with a large physique or married couples with a weight difference of up to 30 kg. Permissible load for 1 berth – 150 kilograms.

The SmartSpring multi-zone spring block effectively supports the spine and helps preserve the natural curves of the skeleton. Natural latex, coconut coir and dense foam with a porous structure and breathable properties are used as fillers. Resilient foam is gentle on bones and joints, avoiding excessive pressure on soft tissue and blood vessels.

The perimeter base is reinforced with high-density OrmaFoam orthopedic foam. The case with branded quilting is made of durable jersey with a delicate texture and is additionally equipped with a thin foam lining. Product height – 24 cm.

medium and high.

Dimax Twist Roll Soft Side.

Twist Roll Soft Side.

Features of the.

Contains latex and foam Balance Foam Low rigidity Polyester cover Supplied in a roll.

This mattress, with a moderate-to-low firmness, is composed of Balance foam. This is an artificial material that is breathable and does not cause allergies to the user. Balancefoam foam is characterized by increased elasticity and elasticity, and also has the ability to restore its shape in a short period of time. On each side of the foam there is a three-centimeter layer of natural latex, which gives the model a high anatomical effect and ensures a comfortable sleep for a person.

A jersey cover with a beautiful diamond pattern gives the garment a rich look, while quilted polyurethane foam adds softness to the upper layer of the garment. Model height is 21cm. The maximum load on the product should not exceed 120 kg. A feature of this mattress is compact storage in a vacuum package, which allows its owner to easily transport the mattress.

Dreamline Spread-5.

Features of the.

Contains polyurethane foam Velcro fastening Polycotton cover Orthopedic effect.

The springless topper with a height of 6 cm Spread-5 with medium stiffness allows you to increase the orthopedic properties of the berth and improve the quality of sleep on the “French” folding bed or sofa of the Accordion model.

The base of the napkin is made of a monolithic synthetic latex slab. Highly elastic foam with a porous structure has a high degree of hygiene, breathes well and provides gentle support for the spine, redistributing the force of pressure from individual parts of the body (neck, shoulder girdle, lower back, hips, knees and ankle) to the surface.

The quilted cover is made of soft-touch, wear-resistant polycotton. The product is equipped with special Velcro fasteners for secure attachment to upholstered furniture. If necessary, the mattress can be rolled into a compact roll and stored in a self-contained box or transported in the back seat of a regular car.

Promtex Orient Biba Mark 12.

Features of the.

As part of ecopen and struttofiber Double-sided rigidity Polycotton cover Hypoallergenic materials.

The Biba Mark 12 double-sided springless mattress has good orthopedic properties and helps to correct posture with the formation of natural curves of the spine. The sides can be changed based on the needs of the growing skeleton and the body characteristics of the child.

A high degree of structural rigidity is provided by an elastic structured fiber with vertically arranged fibers, and a more delicate support of the musculoskeletal system is created by a flooring layer made of synthetic latex Eco Foam. Breathable hypoallergenic and moisture resistant material does not irritate the delicate skin of children and is recommended for use by babies prone to allergies.

The estimated load on the berth is up to 100 kg. The product is equipped with a bright cover made of durable polycotton with padding polyester stitching.

medium and moderately high.

Categories of mattresses.

Modern sleeping attributes are quality products aimed at maintaining health and maintaining the spine in an anatomically correct position. Products differ in size, thickness, design, filling, rigidity and purpose..


Due to the porous elastic structure and the use of a material that is resistant to deformations, the products retain their original properties for a long time and withstand high loads (up to 150 kg per berth). Dense fillers guarantee balanced rest, allow you to even out crooked posture, normalize disturbed sleep-wakefulness and give a serene, relaxed rest on a comfortable surface. Key differences:

No perceptible pendulum and ejection effects thanks to the porous structure and the right combination of layers. Heat resistance. Latex foam allows air to pass through well, “breathes” and is distinguished by its ability to maintain the required temperature. In summer, on this basis, it is not hot, and in winter it is not cold. Silence. In the case, there is simply nothing to creak or make extraneous sounds. Creation of the optimal level of rigidity with a solid monolithic canvas or a combination of materials laid on the principle of a puff pastry.

Some models are lightweight and easily roll up for space saving storage or easy transport. Thanks to the variety of choices, you can choose the basis for any parameters, requests and user habits..

The disadvantages of innovative one-piece or multi-layer mattresses include the narrow focus of some models and the relatively high price..

Spring blocks.

The classic models are based on a block construction. The elastic coils are compressed and flattened under load after the pressure is released or the person gets out of bed. The production technology consists in connecting twisted elements, laid in one row and installed in a durable polyurethane foam box. In rare cases, the box may be wooden, to which the covers are stitched with metal staples. For the manufacture of spirals, hardened high-strength carbon steel used in the medical industry is used.

Springs differ in shape, height, diameter and number of spirals per m², as well as the way they are installed. A block of independent spirals, placed in separate covers (Pocket Spring, Multipocket, MicroPocket), evenly distributes the load created by the body over the entire bed plane, providing individual parts of the skeleton with optimal point support. It is believed that the more springs, the wider the area of ​​impact on certain zones, and the faster it is possible to unload the heaviest areas of the body (hip and shoulder).

The Bonnel configuration is now considered obsolete. The most demanded on the market are innovative blocks with coils visually reminiscent of an hourglass or miniature barrels. Despite the growing popularity, such models are not available to some buyers due to the high price..

The main disadvantages of attributes with a spring base are the creation of a negative electromagnetic field by metal elements and a shorter service life compared to springless counterparts.


Latex is a foamy material made from the juice of Brazilian hevea and is characterized by an airy porous structure that is highly resistant to reversible deformations and adapts to the relief of a sleeping person. During vulcanization, the liquid is perforated, due to which holes of different diameters are formed in its structure. It is the cells that determine the springy properties of the material and act as a kind of spirals that take on the weight load.

Latex fiber has a pronounced anatomical property, which helps to align the vertebrae and reduce stress on the vulnerable parts of the skeleton. Constructions made entirely of latex foam are extremely rare. Basically, latex is most often used in combination with coconut coir or an independent spring block. The most expensive are one-piece configurations with a distribution into zones with cells of different diameters inside the porous material. Some products have a micro-massage effect.


Unlike latex, coconut trappings are designed to create ultra-extreme surface rigidity. Mattresses, which include coconut coir, are distinguished by good orthopedic characteristics and are designed to correct posture or solve another narrowly focused task. Bases made exclusively of coconut are hardly ever made. More often, a rigid profile is combined with other materials designed to soften a hard, even surface..


The growing body of a child at each stage of development has its own characteristics, therefore, manufacturers of mattresses produce various products, focusing on the physiological characteristics of very young and young users..

The designs are divided into 4 groups (by age):

From 0 to 2. For tiny babies, there are thin, hard mattresses, which exclude the possibility of the baby suffocating or assuming an uncomfortable position. From 2 to 3. The skeletal system is just being formed, the cartilage is being transformed into bones and the child’s back already needs an auxiliary soft layer. To solve this problem, two-layer coir and latex foam bases are intended. From 3 to 5. The best mattresses for children, whose spine already takes the typical S-shape of adults, are equipped with an independent spring block or have functional two- or three-layer bases. 6 to 13. For a child who has already developed certain habits, different models of the foundations for sleep are suitable. The only limitation worth paying attention to is individual contraindications identified by an orthopedist or other specialized specialist..

When choosing a suitable basis, one should take into account what age group the baby belongs to, whether he has signs of incipient scoliosis or visible deviations in posture. Weight and physique play an important role. For large children with overweight, bases with a soft layer are produced, which reduce the pressure of the bones on the muscles..

For sofa.

It is possible to improve the properties of folding furniture by using an additional pad, which is used by most modern consumers on special mattresses. This category includes three varieties:

Thickened toppers. slim. Flexible structures that can be folded together with the sofa without the need to remove.

Models differ in size, thickness, density and purpose. Mattress covers are placed on classic designs such as Accordion, armchairs, folding beds, French or American sofas.

The main tasks that can be solved using the topper:

Leveling drops and smoothing irregularities between the joints of the sofa elements. Improving orthopedic properties. Giving the sleeping place the desired degree of hardness or softness. Elimination of the appearance of pain in the area of ​​contact with a bumpy surface.

To prevent the auxiliary napkin from sliding off the berth, manufacturers equip it with Velcro or special clamps, and also make volumetric stitching around the entire perimeter.


Orthopedicity is a purely medical term. The structures are designed to relieve the load from a strictly defined area of ​​the skeleton and enhance the point effect on a specific part of the musculoskeletal system. Products can cause painful sensations in a person who has no indications for the use of such a mattress. Most of the models have pronounced orthopedic properties that ensure the correct position of the spine and create the most comfortable conditions for the rest of people with health problems.

Types of fillers.

Coconut coir. The toughest natural material, keeps the surface perfectly flat without sagging, has excellent spring properties, provides natural ventilation and is resistant to deformation. The main advantages of coconut fibers are increased strength and hygiene; microorganisms do not start in them. In combination with a latex board, it gives the mattress the utmost firmness and resilience.

Sisal. Quite an expensive material made from agave cactus fibers. In terms of strength characteristics, cactus coir is not inferior to its analogue from coconut.

Latex. Resilient latex foam provides anatomical support and dynamically responds to pressure. A material is classified as natural if it contains at least 15 to 30% vulcanized rubber. There are models with the inclusion of natural organic matter from 46 to 60%. They are not cheap, but increase the lifespan of the latex foam to 40 years..

Orthopedic foam. The synthetic material softens hard surfaces, is sensitive to stress, easily adjusts to the contours of a sleeping person, delicately envelops the body and relieves tired muscles, relieving tension from them. Artificial latex is available in several versions: Memory Foam (when compressed, it remembers its shape and thus provides the effect of delicate enveloping of the body), OrmaFoam, Orthoflex or Spring Foam (cellular).

Polyurethane foam. Breathable PU foam does not absorb moisture, does not squeeze, quickly regains its shape after use and provides anatomical support for the musculoskeletal system. Artificial polyurethane foam has different density, which does not affect the level of hardness. The denser the structure, the longer the service life of the base and the higher the price. In the inexpensive segment of upholstered furniture, polyurethane foam 20-30 kg / m³ is used, in the middle price range – 40/60 kg / m³, in expensive products with a density higher than 60. In spring mattresses, a rough to the touch material softens a hard surface, and in springless mattresses it feels like hard or moderately hard.

Structofiber or Periotec. In terms of properties, medium-hard synthetic, cotton or wool fibers are close to felt, but have a more voluminous and fluffy structure.

Felt. Natural material made of felted wool. Adding felt to mattresses is aimed at strengthening the structure, as well as increasing the rigidity of the product. Felt layers improve air circulation and thermoregulation, and also increase the orthopedic effect of the mattress. Various types of felts are used in production using flax and cotton fibers..

Mattress designs.

Bed covers are divided into several groups:

Standard. Sleeping paraphernalia with soft, medium-soft or moderately hard surfaces. As a rule, they lead the rating of mattresses. These designs are made of artificial latex (single layer, multi-layer or equipped with a spring block), taking into account the average needs of users. They do not provide full orthopedic support, but they do provide a comfortable resting experience. Anatomical. The main task is a point reduction of pressure on the muscles and high-quality unloading of the musculoskeletal system. Zonal. The structures are designed taking into account the even distribution of the load on individual parts of the body. Comfort zones are formed by completing the product with spring units of different degrees of support or by alternating foam density. The mattress provides optimal relief for the parts of the body that need maximum relaxation during the rest period. Double-sided. A versatile type of mattress designed to achieve the optimal temperature in hot or cold weather. Also, the products are suitable for couples who prefer to sleep on different surfaces or people who need to change their sleeping conditions.

Sleeping attributes can be single, one-and-a-half or double. Mattresses for two users, in turn, are divided into monolithic or divided into 2 independent berths with different levels of firmness and orthopedic properties.

The height of the base depends on the contents of the enclosure. The thinnest mattresses have a thickness of 6-10 centimeters (2-4 cm – for babies), 15-18 springless products, from 0.18 to 0.24 m – with spring blocks and from 25 to 35 cm – multilayer.

Stiffness options.

Sleeping attributes vary in level of hardness:

Soft to moderately soft. Spring loaded with polyurethane foam or latex. A sleeping place will help you quickly regain strength and recover from physical activity. Moderately hard. Spirals combined with coconut, orthopedic foam or polyurethane foam. A high to moderately firm bed can help avoid postural problems. Tough. Springless, made of polyurethane foam, or independent spring blocks, reinforced with coconut coir. Ultra-tough. Natural organic base with dense polyurethane foam.

Which mattress best meets the needs of users, everyone decides for himself. Too soft and hard mattresses should be chosen only after consulting an orthopedist.

Weight group Stiffness level for sleeping on the side Stiffness level for sleeping on the back Stiffness level for sleeping on the stomach Up to 60 kg Low to medium Moderately low to moderately high Medium to moderately high 60 to 100 kg Moderately low to moderately high Medium to high Moderately high to high Over 100 kg Moderately low to moderately high Medium to high Moderately high to high.

General recommendations for choosing a mattress.

In a dream, a person spends a third of his life and rarely sleeps in one position. Therefore, when choosing, you should take into account some nuances so that the user can feel comfortable, freely and safely change the pose, without experiencing restrictions in space. To do this, you need to adhere to a simple rule: the length of the base should exceed the growth of a person lying in a horizontal position by about 15-20 centimeters, and the width should be 2 times wider than the shoulders.

For many buyers, price is the determining factor. Inexpensive bases include a solid block made of polyurethane foam and Bonnel springs. Elite products are considered to be bases with pronounced orthopedic characteristics and extended functionality..

Monoblock structures are rare and in fact are considered unidirectional, designed to solve one problem (prevention of specific diseases, alignment of the curved spine, an auxiliary tool in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases). Multi-layer mattresses are more functional and are able to affect several areas of the body at the same time, which will especially appeal to sensitive users. In exceptional cases, it is advisable to consult with an orthopedist, who will help you choose the model you need in terms of the degree of elasticity and point action..

Which mattress is better to choose?

Experts recommend choosing a mattress based on the physiological characteristics of the physique, height, weight and health. In doing so, it is also worth considering personal habits and preferred postures during rest..

How to choose a mattress for those who like to sleep on their stomach or curled up on their side? For such people, you should not choose too hard surfaces in order to avoid crushing the soft tissues. The ideal thickness of the upper layer is 4-6 cm.People who prefer to sleep on their backs should opt for moderately hard substrates with a latex foam height of 2 to 3 cm.

For relatively healthy spouses with approximately the same weight and habits, you can buy a base with a Bonnel block. If there is a disagreement on the choice of paraphernalia for sleep, it is advisable to buy mattresses with an independent spring block or zoned designs.

Synthetic latex contributes to the normalization of blood circulation and is recommended for diseases of the thoracic and cervical spine. People with chest pain or heart problems should pay attention to the presence of orthopedic foam in the top layer of the mattress. The interlayer softens the hard surface and protects the soft tissue from contact with the hard base.

Anyone who cares about their posture needs orthopedic correction of back pathologies, including displacement of the vertebrae, the development of scoliosis, stoop, pain in the joints, it is advisable to choose mattresses with independent blocks or layered springless counterparts with a relatively soft upper layer that repeats the relief of a sleeping person.

Stiffer bases with the addition of coconut coir or sisal are recommended for infants (exclusively without springs), young children and adolescents during the period of intensive skeletal growth and posture formation, as a prevention of the development of osteochondrosis, stoop or scoliosis, as well as healthy people leading an active lifestyle, in need of quality relaxation after physical exertion or training. It is strictly forbidden to buy ultra-hard products for the elderly, pregnant women, bedridden patients and other users sensitive to hard ground..

Optional accessories.

Covers serve to soften hard surfaces and keep the structure intact. For sewing, durable, durable furniture fabrics are used that are easy to clean at home. To increase the service life and reduce friction between the filler and the fabric, the cover is fastened to a thin layer of polyurethane foam, holofiber or synthetic winterizer with a density of 100 grams. Some manufacturers use fluffy felt as an additional layer. Some models come with a removable cover.

Experts recommend giving preference to non-removable protective coatings. High density polyurethane foam casing, packed in a rigid fabric, holds the filling firmly and prevents it from “creeping” in the future. To prevent premature wear of the cover, a mattress cover-sheet, which is better to buy together with a mattress, will help..

Question answer.

Why you can’t buy a mattress before a bed?

The fact is that the base must fully correspond to the dimensions of the bedroom furniture. If the product is smaller in size, it will gradually begin to deform as it is used. In the case where the base is smaller, an unpleasant slipping effect will be observed..

Why spring mattresses are not recommended for couples with different physiques?

Bases with dependent springs are not suitable for couples with a large difference in weight, mismatch of biorhythms or sensitive sleep in one of the partners. The spirals bend under the pressure of the body weight of a spouse with a larger physique, and the matrimonial bed itself turns into a kind of hammock. A lighter person will simply roll down an inclined surface or reflexively squeeze muscles and, as a result, will not be able to rest.

Which mattress to choose – soft or hard?

Too soft a mattress has a sinking effect, and too hard can negatively affect blood circulation and worsen overall health. Especially in people with heart disease. It is better to give preference to moderate-hard to medium-soft bases. Extremes are only encouraged when agreed with an orthopedic doctor.

What is the difference between blocks with and without springs?

Quite simply, a springless mattress provides firm support, a spring mattress provides elastic support. Not everyone likes monolithic innovative bases, the body can become numb from habit, but over time, users appreciate springless mattresses.

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