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Miracle Avocado Oil – 100% Pure Organic Avocado Oil by AlpStories.

Miracle Avocado Oil – 100% Pure Organic Avocado Oil by AlpStories.

It smells of oil specifically, for an amateur. But the smell does not remain on the skin and hair for a long time, so you can get used to it 🙂 I have normal skin, which turns into a combi in summer. I use it at night instead of a night cream. I apply it all over the face, incl. and the skin around the eyes. The oil is absorbed quite quickly, it does not leave stickiness after itself, although after application for some time the skin is a little oily to the touch, but in the morning the oil is absorbed all without residue. I know to be careful with these oils because they can clog pores and cause breakouts. This oil did not cause rashes in me, but it seemed to me that the pores were a little clogged (small subcutaneous tubercles appeared, very few, but there are), so I began to use it less often and apply in a thinner layer. The skin after use is nourished, smooth. Well soothes the skin after sun exposure. I think that for the off-season, as well as in winter, this oil will recommend itself even better. I also use this oil as a hair mask. I apply it solo or in a composition with warmed burdock oil on the hair roots, hold it for an hour, and then rinse it off. From such masks I expect the effect of strengthening hair and protecting against hair loss. But since I additionally use a whole bunch of all sorts of means, I can’t say for sure whether this oil helped me or everything in the complex (which is most likely). But the fact that the effect of the application is, that’s for sure. Hair began to look more “decent”, and it was generally atas – such a lifeless tow. And they dropped out much less. I have also tried applying this oil to the ends of the hair, but it literally needs a drop, otherwise the hair will turn oily. The ends are well smoothed and look more neat. In general, the oil is cool, versatile, and it is consumed very economically, as it is very liquid and quickly spreads over the skin. But it is important not to overdo it with the application, otherwise you can get clogged pores and oily hair: D.

Price: about 8 euro Testing period: more than 1 month Score: 5.

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