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How to choose a bathroom fan.

How to choose a bathroom fan.

It is not uncommon to come across such an opinion: why do we need ventilation? After all, there are windows, air conditioners! Isn’t that enough? Often, ventilation shafts are demolished in kitchens, and then they unsuccessfully fight mold and unpleasant, ineradicable odors..

As a rule, the ventilation existing in the house is sufficient to ventilate the room with high quality. But only if it functions properly.

The ventilation principle is based on differential pressure and temperature. In winter, when the room is warmer than outside, air enters the ventilation duct easily and actively. In summer, when the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures is insignificant, the outflow of air from the apartment is noticeably reduced, and all unnecessary vapors and odors remain in the room..

Bathroom – a room with a special temperature and humidity regime. Dense humid air, stagnating, leads to damage to finishes, doors, furniture, household appliances, building structures. In the bathroom, forced exhaust ventilation is a must, even if the stationary ventilation has excellent draft..

Water vapor is deposited as condensation on cold surfaces. The relative humidity in the room must be below 70%. It is good for the respiratory system and prevents the formation of mold..

What parameters to choose a fan?

The first thing to look out for is performance. To find out how much fan power you need, calculate the volume of the bathroom. Multiply the length, width, and height of the room. Let’s say the dimensions of the bathroom are 2×2.5 m and the ceiling height is 2.7 m, respectively, the volume of the room = 13.5 m³. Now decide on the rate of air exchange, that is, how much air needs to be removed in a certain time. For bathrooms, this indicator ranges from 4 to 8. Multiplying the volume of the room by 4 (13.5×4 = 54) and 8 (13.5×8 = 108), you will get the minimum and maximum performance value that is suitable for your room. For this example, the capacity must be at least 54 m³ / hour. It makes no sense to take more than 108. The exception is apartments where many people live. The number of people is important to consider when calculating the productivity factor. So, for a family of three, it should not be lower than 6.

Marley MT 125 Geometric parameters must also be taken into account. Such as the diameter of the duct and the seat of the fan. Among the exhaust fans presented on our website, you can find models for 100 mm and 125 mm ventilation ducts. This information is shown in the model number. For example, a Marley MT 125 fan is designed to be connected to a ventilation duct with a diameter of 125 mm..

The next important indicator is safety. Water is known to conduct electricity well. Therefore, it is worth purchasing a low-voltage model designed for 12-24 V. The protection category must be indicated on the fan case.!

Protection categories for showers or bathrooms.

IP25 – protection against water jets – can be installed directly above the shower. IP24 – protection against splashing water – at a distance of 60 cm from the shower.

Marley MS100 VFN When choosing a fan, you should think about the noise level. The more powerful the device, the louder it is. The permissible noise level in the apartment is 55 dB. However, the lower the noise level, the more comfortable it is. Marley offers you a wide range of fan models where the noise level is reduced to a minimum. Pay attention to the line “Silenzio” .

The presence of a check valve may become important. If the natural ventilation of the building does not cope, and your neighbors have a habit of smoking in the toilet or cooking dishes unpleasant for the smell in the kitchen, the check valve on the fan will be a real salvation..

In other cases, when the general ventilation of the house is working properly, but you are using an exhaust fan for volley ventilation of the bathroom, the check valve impedes the natural flow of air.

Smart models with increased comfort.

For those who prefer comfort, there are smart fans. They have additional capabilities.

The built-in timer is the best choice. The device will help save electricity and nerves. After a shower, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the fan. A programmable timer will provide an exhaust from the bathroom for 20-30 minutes after turning off the lighting. MEROX W 100 BN.

Another handy device is a humidity sensor. This addition will allow you to completely forget about the existence of both the fan itself and about moisture, electricity and other little things that distract from important thoughts and can annoy anyone.

For lovers of advanced technology, Marley offers a Merox W100 BN fan with a built-in motion sensor and a timer that turns on as soon as a person enters the bathroom and turns off 5-22 minutes after you leave the room..

Smart fan The greatest comfort is created by the “SMART” fan, which independently regulates the power and is equipped with a constant ventilation function. So, in normal mode, it works with minimum power, but if the air humidity has increased, it increases performance to the maximum, then switches back to normal mode, consuming only 1.1 W of electricity..

Choose a fan with flexible operating parameters or limit yourself to a budget option – everyone decides for himself. One thing should not be in doubt – the need to install an exhaust fan in the bathroom. After all, even the most modest fan can save you money by protecting the items in the bathroom from damage, as well as preserving your health. After all, breathing dampness and mold is not just harmful, but dangerous..

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