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Elite High Mattress 36cm! Golden Dream Natural Latex 200x200cm.

Elite High Mattress 36cm! Golden Dream Natural Latex 200x200cm.

Golden Dream mattress – luxurious high mattress with two comfort options.

This model has flawless orthopedic and anatomical characteristics. It harmoniously combines the latest technologies and materials with unique properties..

For those who want to be sure that the rest will be really comfortable, and sleep will be undisturbed, we recommend buying a Golden Dream mattress.

The basis of the mattress is made up of two blocks of independent springs at once, located one above the other.

One of the “highlights” of this model is that the blocks differ in height, the number of springs, and the presence of pressure distribution zones. Such an unusual combination makes the mattress able to smoothly perceive the load, provide elastic resistance and point-wise adjust to the features of the figure of the resting person..

The three-dimensional mesh located between the blocks is designed to improve air flow and quickly remove moisture, thereby protecting the mattress from the development of harmful microorganisms.

The average stiffness of one side is created by the combination of two flooring layers. The highly resilient Vita Foam reinforces the spring action, and the latex placed on top of it adds firmness to the mattress.

To make the bed softer, just turn it over the other side. Visco-elastic polyurethane foam, used as a soft component, has the ability to accurately repeat the curves of the body, as if memorizing its shape.

When ordering a mattress, buyers are given an advantageous opportunity to choose the most suitable model of a removable cover from the four proposed options.

The upholstery is made of soft-touch jersey with the addition of special fibers and a 3D mesh sewn into the side.

Mattress components: – Natural latex (Latexco, Belgium) – 3 cm – Highly elastic VitaFoam foam (Radium Foam, England) – 3 cm – Spring block EVS 500 MP (256 springs / per square meter) h = 6 cm – Three-dimensional layer 3D: special 3D layer (“Pressless”, Germany) -2 cm. – 7-zone spring block EVS 1000 (500 springs / per square meter) h = 12 cm – Highly elastic foam VitaFoam (“Radium Foam”, England ) -3 cm – Profiled foam “Memory Schaum” (“Radium Foam”, England) -4 cm. – The box around the mattress is made of VitaFoam foam brand VB3040 (“Radium Foam”, England), the width of the box is 14 cm. – Upholstery mattress to choose from: Cover “Linen Blitz” with a zipper; Cover “Silver Blitz” with a zipper; Cover “Bamboo Blitz” with a zipper; Cover “Thermocool” with a zipper.

Mattress height: 36 cm.

Maximum load per berth: 150 kg. Permissible weight difference for a double mattress over 45 kg.

The service life of the mattress is at least 12 years. Manufacturer’s warranty: 5 years.

We work from 09:00 to 20:00 seven days a week. HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? Call!

You can look at samples of mattresses and materials in our store, we will be glad to see you!

The shop is open from 10 am to 7 pm. NO WEEKEND!

Warranty and return conditions.

If the quality is good, the goods cannot be returned..

Shipping and payment.

avenue of the 100th anniversary of Vladivostok 57 bld. 13 shopping center Pacific.

Delivery in Vladivostok DAILY Cash payment, bank transfer, Sberbank.

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