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Choosing children’s smartwatches: top 10 best models.

Choosing children’s smartwatches: top 10 best models.

To understand which is the best choice for children’s smart watches in 2020-2021, we will consider the most popular options that offer the most necessary functions for both young users and their parents..

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Our review includes a smartwatch for kids with a GPS tracker and a SIM card slot that allows you to use it like a phone. And this is not just a device that shows the time, but also a tool that allows parents to constantly keep control of their children and establish contact with them at any time..

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By studying user reviews on the Internet, we have compiled a rating. It includes the most popular smartwatches for children: the top 10 best models you can buy – from classics to newer products from well-known domestic and Chinese companies..

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Smart Baby Watch Q50.

Language selection SIM card slot GPS, AGPS, LBS Physical buttons SOS, on / off, +/- volume Setracker app for smartphone Making calls Small, light, comfortable, made of safe material.

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Today, the children’s watch Smart Baby Watch Q50 is one of the most popular models, designed for little users from 2 to 6 years old. By installing a SIM card in the watch, it becomes possible to make calls both to the device and from it to the parents’ phone.

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The Q50 has built-in GPS technology, which allows you to continuously track your child’s location. On the case there is an alarm button (SOS-button) for instant call of pre-selected three numbers during an emergency.

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A special Setracker application installed on the parents’ smartphone allows you to track the movements of the baby on the map and set the area beyond which he should not go. If this happens, an SMS message will be sent to the relatives’ phone notifying of the violation of the borders.

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A small owner of a Q50 watch can send the address of his location to his mom or dad’s smartphone. This is very convenient, because, for example, after visiting a friend after class, a student cannot always explain where the street or house is. Or during a hike, when the kid is behind the group, it will be easy for the leader to find the loss. GPS provides good connectivity outdoors.

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The Q50 watch phone for kids is made of food grade silicone gel, which is completely safe for a young user..

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