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Carrot oil: application, properties, reviews.

Carrot oil: application, properties, reviews.

Natural oils are often used to maintain beauty and youth. Some are better known, others less so. Carrot oil can hardly be called popular, not everyone knows about it. It’s very useful though. About how wonderful this remedy is and what properties it has, and will be discussed in this article..


Carrot oil is a medium-viscosity, fluid, yellow in color. It can be of different shades: from pale to rich amber. The aroma of the product is specific, reminiscent of the smell of root crops. A little sweetish.


The chemical composition of the oil may differ depending on the place of growth of the raw material from which it is extracted. Everything matters: the variety, the state of the environment, the climate. However, it always contains the following components:

carotol; asarone; acetic acid; pinen; limonene; daucol.

In addition, carrot oil contains a large amount of vitamins (A, B, C, D, E) and trace elements (zinc, phosphorus, iron, manganese, etc.)

Method of obtaining.

The seeds of the plant are used as raw materials for obtaining essential oil. The variety of carrots can be any, both wild and cultivated.

On an industrial scale, for the extraction of carrot oil, the method of steam distillation (steam distillation) is used. The water is heated, and its vapors pass through the feed, taking away volatile ethers along the way. Then the steam is cooled and enters the receiver, where the separation of water and volatile ethers occurs..

Also, to obtain carrot ester, the cold-pressed method is used. This method allows you to save much more nutrients..

In any case, the yield of the finished product is very small – about 3%. Therefore, the price for it is high.

The finished product is used both in pure form and diluted with vegetable cosmetic oils. Carrot seed oil is also added to cosmetics that you can buy in the store..

Beneficial features.

Carrot oil can be used topically and by mouth. Here are the properties it has when applied externally:

rejuvenates; accelerates tissue regeneration; moisturizes; nourishes; relieves inflammation; protects against free radicals; serves as a UV filter.

Internal use of oil:

strengthens the immune system; promotes lymph renewal; effective diuretic; cleanses the body of toxins and toxins; helps to remove kidney stones; promotes the restoration of liver cells; stops blood; good for sight.

Application in cosmetology.

The most widespread use of carrot oil is for cosmetic purposes..

For Tan. Carrots are the main source of vitamin A. Its presence protects the skin from damage and repairs it. Also, this vitamin contributes to the fact that the tan appears better and lays down evenly. But do not overuse this, as the risk of sunburn also increases. For facial skin. Regular use of carrot oil and products containing it improves the complexion, makes it healthy and uniform. Age spots and freckles become noticeably lighter or almost completely disappear. The oil actively fights against dryness and flaking of the skin, stimulating the production of sebum. Therefore, people with oily skin are not recommended to use this product, or to do it very carefully. For body. It has a rejuvenating effect and tightens flabby, toned skin. It becomes noticeably firmer and more elastic. For lips. This part of our body is especially vulnerable. The lips often suffer from wind, temperature extremes and other adverse conditions. Dry and peel off. It looks ugly and causes a lot of inconvenience. Carrot oil will not only help protect delicate skin, but will also perfectly restore it. For hair. You can do aroma combing or add a few drops to a tablespoon of shampoo when shampooing. The oil stimulates growth and makes strands smooth and incredibly shiny. For aroma combing, apply a few drops of oil on a wooden comb, evenly distributing it along the entire length, and comb your hair for several minutes.

Aromatherapy properties.

Carrot seed esters belong to the element of the Earth. By its effect on a person’s aura, the scent of carrot seed oil can free him from the shackles of loneliness. And it’s not mysticism at all. Everything is understandable. It has long been noticed that the aroma of carrot ether has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional sphere of a person. It soothes and gives a sense of confidence, eliminating nervousness. Makes it collected by concentrating the mental faculties. As a result, a person is transformed and becomes more attractive to the people around him. Accordingly, loneliness is no longer a problem..

To achieve an aromatherapy effect, you need to add only 3-4 drops of oil to the aroma lamp..

Application in traditional medicine.

The oil is effective for acute respiratory infections. To alleviate the condition, inhalation can be done. To do this, add 4 drops of the product to the inhaler and breathe for 5 minutes. The procedure can be done as a preventive measure, especially during the cold season, in order to protect yourself from illness..

It is believed that massage the abdomen with carrot oil helps to increase appetite in the absence of it. And it is even recommended to fight anorexia in this way..

If the joints are affected by arthritis or arthrosis, it is advised to rub oil into the skin directly in the area of ​​the affected joint.

The use of carrot oil inside is possible after consulting a doctor. For what diseases it is recommended to do this:

gout, arthritis, rheumatism (especially during an exacerbation of the disease); vision problems or their prevention; acute lack of vitamin A in the body.

How to use: add 4 drops of oil to a small amount of warm water and drink.

How to make carrot oil.

Making butter is not difficult at home. To do this, you need carrots grated on a coarse grater (1 cup) and unrefined vegetable oil (1 cup): sunflower, linseed, olive. There are three cooking methods:

In a water bath. Pour the root vegetable with oil and put the container with the mixture on steam under the lid. Leave for 15 minutes. Cool and drain so that there are no foreign particles. Close tightly. Best stored in the refrigerator. Pour oil over the carrots and place in a dark place for a day. Then strain and squeeze out the leftovers. Store in a cool place. The oil needs to be heated up to 30-40 °C and pour them over the carrots. Add 1 teaspoon of wheatgrass oil and stir. Withstand the mixture for 1 week, shaking it daily. After strain.

This homemade oil is much cheaper than purchased essential oil. But it is no less effective. It can be used for face, body and hair care. And for oral administration. You can use this homemade carrot vegetable oil undiluted..

Combination with other oils.

Carrot oil is a capricious remedy and is combined with a limited amount of esters. These include:

cedar; sandalwood; citrus; rose flower; geranium; vetiver.


There are not many of them, but you need to take it seriously. Oil is not used:

For allergies. Individual intolerance to carrots is a rare occurrence, but it occurs sometimes. Also, the reaction can be to a component that is part of the base. During pregnancy. For oily skin.


Carrot oil — it is a highly concentrated biologically active substance, therefore, it must be used carefully, and even more so taken orally. Especially it should be removed from children, since they are at high risk of getting an overdose of vitamin A.

Before use, the essential oil is mixed with the base: a couple of drops per teaspoon of the base.

After using carrot oil, the skin becomes very sensitive to the sun’s rays. Therefore, if you are not going to sunbathe or you do not want exposure to UV rays, do not go outside on a sunny day. Or cover the oil application area with clothing..

During pregnancy, carrot oil should not be used, as it can cause bleeding, with all the ensuing consequences.

Be sure to do an allergy test.


To get the most of your carrot oil, you need to store it properly:

Always close the lid tightly. Protect from temperature extremes. Place in a cool, dark place.

Usually, the shelf life of the purchased product is no more than 2 years..


Reviews of carrot oil are mostly positive. Girls note its beneficial effect on hair and dry skin. Especially with peeling. Also, the condition of the skin in general improves, acne disappears even on oily skin. Those who took the risk of taking the oil internally to improve their vision, note a positive trend. Vision really improves and the eyes get tired less.

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