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Want to display your entire library with books standing from floor to ceiling? Or do you like to have photos, knickknacks and books mixed up on the shelves? Our bookcases and shelving are perfect for it all! And the choice of sizes, styles and colors will satisfy any, even the most demanding taste..

No house can do without a bookcase or at least a shelf. Even if you don’t have your own library, you can put toys in it. No toys? Then it is convenient to store important working documents and folders in it. The possibilities are endless.

Our assortment includes bookcases of various shapes and sizes: wide and narrow, low and high, oak or contrasting colors — red, white, black, gray.

How do you keep things in plain sight or out of sight??

When choosing a storage solution, it is important to understand what and where you are going to fold. Open shelves or bookcase with doors and drawers?

Shelving is best for books and photographs, and potted plants. What if you want to mask the mess? A bookcase with doors will help you quickly clean up the nursery. And if you already have an open closet, get baskets and storage boxes or other accessories that you can quickly remove all unnecessary items..

Furniture, which provides for both open and closed storage, has absorbed the best of two principles. Hide unnecessary items in the closet, and leave only your favorite items on the wall shelves. And if you want to flaunt something fragile, equip the shelves with glass doors. Now your favorite porcelain and crystal for special occasions is completely safe.

Bookcases — not only for books.

Each room has its own bookcase, and each cabinet has its own place. We offer a wide range of versatile models for every part of the home. Here are some tips for choosing the right wardrobe.

Sideboard cabinet — a great opportunity to leave your favorite things in sight. It will look especially good in the hallway, by the window or next to the dining table..

Corner shelving is more suitable for a compact home library in a room where a free horizontal surface is very useful.

The bookcase does not have to be placed along the wall. It can be used as a divider by positioning it across the room. This is a great way to highlight your work area..

Different mounts for different walls.

Some of our cabinets and shelves need to be wall-mounted. Remember that different wall materials require different types of fasteners. Refer to our guide to securing furniture to walls for instructions on how to properly and safely secure your bookcase..

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