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Bioaqua whitening gel for face and body with cherry extract.

Bioaqua Whitening Gel for Face and Body with Cherry Extract.

Tinted moisturizing gel is designed for delicate skin whitening, including on intimate areas. The product does not contain harmful components, gently affects the skin, giving it a beautiful shade and eliminating excess pigmentation. The product contains glycerin, mineral oil, plant extracts. For a noticeable result, the gel should be applied daily, twice a day, morning and evening. Long-lasting effect appears after eight weeks of use.

Pros of a tinted moisturizing gel:

– Lightweight texture. You don’t have to wait long for the product to be absorbed. It does not leave stickiness and oily sheen on the skin. – Versatility. The soft formula of the gel allows you to apply it on the lips, face, body, including the nipples and intimate areas. – Balanced composition. The herbal ingredients and glycerin included in the composition moisturize the skin, due to which the whitening process is combined with body care.

In order for the agent to act more actively, it should be protected from ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, if you are using it on exposed areas of the body, apply a sunscreen with an SFF factor of at least 30 after it has been absorbed. This will help the gel to perform at its best..

The manufacturer recommends applying twice a day. You need to use a small amount of the product, applying it in a thin layer to those areas of the skin that you want to lighten and get rid of excessive pigmentation. At the same time, the skin must be dry and clean. It is recommended to apply the product with your fingers, gently distributing it over problem areas.

The tinted moisturizing gel has a pleasant aroma and light texture. Dermatologically tested, suitable for use on the face. Convenient release format – a tube with an applicator – allows precise dosage of the gel and simplifies its application to small areas such as lips.

Chinese cosmetics BioAqua does not contain substances harmful to the user’s health. The tint gel contains no mercury, steroids, hydroquinone. Therefore, it is completely safe and can be used in sensitive delicate areas, including the bikini area. It does not cause a burning sensation, does not lead to irritation and redness of the skin. Daily use of the gel will noticeably brighten the skin, make it softer, more hydrated, and well-groomed. It will take about two months to achieve a lasting result..

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