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Big review and test of TV TCL 50P615 (50 inches): excellent model with 4K Ultra HD LED-screen, Android, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Big review and test of TV TCL 50P615 (50 inches): excellent model with 4K Ultra HD LED-screen, Android, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Testing the popular TV model TCL 50P615 50" with excellent functionality. TCL’s xP615 series TVs are among the most inexpensive 4K Ultra HD TVs that are suitable for both home viewing and gaming. Modern “stuffing”, including built-in Smart Android TV, allows you to comfortably use IPTV providers and additional functions. Built-in image enhancement technologies help deliver great picture.

Just the other day there was an article about the new TCL 50P725 TV with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 (4K UHD), and an article about the TCL xP725 line in general. And today a review of one of the most popular 4K TVs. We are talking about the 50P615 model with a 50-inch screen. The TV has been on sale for a long time and has positively established itself, including as a TV for a budget home theater and a screen for game consoles. 2020 model, but the TV still boasts modern filling.

Technical characteristics of the model: Model: TCL 50P615 Screen: 3840 x 2160 pixels 50" Matrix type: VA (HKC) PT500GT02-4, 10 bit (8 bbit IT + FRC) Backlight: Direct LED Brightness: 270 cd / m2 Viewing angles: 178 ° / 178 ° Contrast: 5000: 1 Refresh rate: 50/60 Hz NTSC color gamut: 72% sRGB color gamut: 97% CPU: 4xARM Cortex A55 1100MHz RAM: 2GB / 16GB OS: Android 9.0 Pie AUDIO: 2×9.5W Dolby Audio Connectors: 2xUSB2.0, 3xHDMI, Ethernet (LAN), composite , optical Toslink Wireless connection: WIFI (802.11b, g, n) / Bluetooth Installation: VESA 200 x 200 or stand Enhancement technologies: HDR10, HLG, Dolby Audio, Micro Dimming, Color Enhancement, Tone Mapping Control: remote control, buttons on panels, control from a smartphone via the TCL T-Cast application. Power consumption: up to 95 W Dimensions: 1131 x 850 x 78 mm Weight: 10 kg.

A TV set with Tmall arrived (they are available in a warehouse in MSC). They brought it pretty quickly, by courier to the door. Upon receipt, it is possible to inspect the packaging. Please note that the dimensions of the package are quite decent. Will not enter any car.

One of the features of this model is a narrow case with a V-shaped reinforcement on the back. In the center is a block with electronics.

The TV is really narrow and light. Only 10 kg, which is for model 50" few. It is quite possible to hang it on a wall bracket. Complete legs are also available for installation. You can also place headsets in the niches of the living room, etc..

The detailed user manual provides a description of both the TV itself and its remote control, as well as a description of Smart functionality. The remote control is equipped with a call button for the voice assistant and a microphone. Powered by two AAA batteries (included).

The set also contains stands (two V-shaped legs) and an adapter for composite signal (RCA). The legs have anti-slip soft rubber pads – the TV will not move when installed on a smooth surface.

Legs are installed on the sides, arrows and letters R and L are marked for orientation. Mounting is included, and you can use a Phillips screwdriver as a tool.

The legs are fitted with metal threaded bushings, which in turn are attached to the TV chassis. Example of an installed foot.

A pair of stereo speakers are hidden under the lower grille. The power cable is built into the TV and is not removable. The plug is a regular Euro-type. The cord is not very long, make sure that there is an outlet next to the TV.

The TV was manufactured in Kaliningrad (RF). This is evidenced by a sticker on the back of the case. A service life of 5 years is also indicated. 1 year warranty (included with a stamped passport).

The interface is quite rich: there is a pair of USB for connecting external media, and a headphone output. There is an optical output for home theater systems. Video interfaces include three HDMI inputs and one composite input (RCA). There is an RJ-45 connector for connecting to a local network. Two antenna interfaces – for DVB-S and DBV-T / T2.

The TV accepts digital terrestrial television without additional set-top boxes. Also works with IPTV, can play from a flash drive, there is a built-in YouTube and Netflix and much, much more..

The image is very, very good. When playing a 4K stream, the picture is lively, juicy. Note that the TV is equipped with HDR10, HLG, Dolby Audio, Micro Dimming, Color Enhancement, Tone Mapping image quality enhancement technologies.

The TV perfectly reproduces dark and black colors. An example in the photo below.

It is especially interesting if the content is initially in good quality (FullHD / 4K). Photo of a freeze frame from a test video with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

As I said above, the entire TCL xP615 line is equipped with the ability to remotely control from a smartphone. This is very convenient if you are already on the couch and forgot to take the “sloth”. And your smartphone is always at hand.

To do this, find and download the TCL T-Cast application.

The connection is made via Bluetooth. The functions of the remote control are duplicated, there is a search for applications and content, transfer of photo / video / music.

At about this stage, I learned how to use the function of taking screenshots in the application (transmitted in 1080p format).

I also provide screenshots of the main menu and TV settings. As you can see, the TV supports HDMI CEC.

AIDA64 test application report. You can see the amount of real memory and the installed type of processor.

Test applications to test the screen. No dead pixels found, Direct LED backlighting is uniform.

The smoothness test passes, the picture does not jerk.

Testing the speed of your Wi-Fi connection. Squeezes out almost the maximum speed of the router.

Testing the speed of connection via Ethernet (maximum 100/100 Mbit).

The TV is suitable for gaming content. There are no loops in the dynamic picture.

TV performance test result (GFX test).

TV properties (GFX test).

Another great feature. The TV works great with gaming smartphones, it is possible to connect a smartphone and tablet to the screen. The photo shows the connected smartphone in DeX mode.

Launched WoT on the big screen.

Terrestrial digital broadcasting accepts. Signal quality depends on antenna and terrain. Generally normal.

The TV works well with FullHD and 4K content, including IPTV and various services. I managed to make TV friends with Wink, without additional set-top boxes, which is very pleasing.

The photo below shows both TVs, you can compare the dimensions (1131 x 850 x 78 mm for model 50" and 970 x 572 x 78 mm for model 43").

In fact, I chose for a long time between the TCL 50P615 model and the TCL 43P615 model. As a result, one TV is now for the kitchen, the other for the living room. I am very, very pleased with the choice. TCL TVs of the P615 P725 lines are now one of the best, especially considering the 4K screen and built-in Android.

With the promo code TVSBD4000 and the seller’s coupon for $ 46 (taken on the product page), the price becomes 20,990 rubles, which is quite good for 50" and a 4K TV. And the first 10 lucky ones will be able to get this model for 50". Similar conditions for models 43" (promo code TVSBD2500 and coupon $ 25) and 65" (promo code TVSBD5000 and coupon $ 92).

Either way, the TV is worth the money. Take it or not – it’s up to you.

You can find other tests and reviews of tools and other gadgets, as well as selections of equipment, at the links below and in my profile..

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