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Avocado oil for face.

Avocado oil for face.

The exotic “alligator pear” has become an excellent alternative to expensive cosmetics for skin care. The famous avocado oil has become widespread in medicine and cosmetology due to the maximum amount of nutrients, a whole “ensemble” of vitamins. Such an ingredient can completely replace half of the important bottles and bubbles on the shelf of your boudoir: from face lotions to emulsions and night creams..

How do you get?

The best anti-aging and anti-stress remedy is obtained from the seeds as well as the pulp of the avocado. This elixir of youth has earned the trust of women all over the world who are zealously fighting unwanted facial wrinkles, sagging and dry skin. If you have avocado essential oil in your locker, this is already a sure victory over the symptoms of aging..

Natural avocado oil is produced by cold pressing. With this method, all the useful qualities of the product are preserved, wherever you store the miraculous bottle. Emerald liquid has an exotic nutty taste, pleasant aroma.

At home, making avocado oil will turn out quickly and without much money. Prepare 1 kg of exotic fruits, peel them, remove the seeds. The remaining pulp must be ground in a blender, preferably mixed with a few drops of another essential oil (citrus, tea tree, ylang-ylang, etc.). A homogeneous mass will become the basis for your future tonic, cream or face scrub.

It must be heated over a fire, stirring for 5 minutes. When evaporated, the thick itself will become more saturated in color. As soon as this happens, cover the container with the “brew” with a gauze cloth folded several times.

The whole mixture will have to be squeezed hard to obtain the avocado oil. After all these manipulations, take a dark bottle and pour the contents into it. It is best to store such a substance, like any other oil, in a dark place..

Beneficial features.

By applying such a product to the skin of the face, the production of collagen and elastin is instantly activated. In order for old age to remind of itself as late as possible, monitor the normal level of these substances in the body, if necessary, feed the epithelium with useful components. With the help of avocado oil, you can avoid early formation of wrinkles, restore the natural metabolism, water balance of the skin.

The invaluable benefits of avocados are also high-quality lifting. With regular facial care, you can contour its oval, tighten, level the relief, cleanse from irritation, acne. Any cosmetic product based on avocado oil perfectly evens out the tone of the face, eliminates flaking, especially in the summer.

The skin is constantly exposed to negative external factors: high humidity, temperature changes, wind, dust, UV radiation, etc. Maintaining water balance in such conditions is your direct responsibility. A powerful avocado-based product that does the job perfectly..

Cosmetologists recommend using such a natural ingredient at any age. It is absolutely safe, has a number of useful properties and the richest composition. The skin is nourished by such “ingredients” as B vitamins, phytohormone, a whole lipid complex, squalene, etc. Fatty acids are also present here, which are not always obtained from food..

Only thanks to amino acids is the excellent absorption of the drug into the body, and the skin itself remains moisturized for a long time. Those who suffer from increased fat content of the dermis will feel how greasiness, not natural shine, gradually disappears. If you hate freckles, and also suffer from “seasonal” age spots, you will definitely need avocado oil..

It performs the following functions:

restores the dermis, eliminates wrinkles; is part of numerous homemade masks, lotions, ointments; transforms skin prone to dryness, flaking; penetrates deep into the layers of the epithelium, produces collagen; “Adjusts” the elasticity and firmness of the skin; prevents early aging, tightens, corrects the oval of the face.

Such a tool can be added to any cosmetic preparations if you are pursuing the goal of rejuvenating, making the skin smooth and soft. You only need 3 drops for 1 teaspoon of cream (day or night). If you are concerned about the area around the eyes, then it is better to mix the oil from the pulp of the fruit with tincture of grape seed, mint, fennel.

More on the benefits of avocado oil for the face in the next video..


It is no secret for cosmetologists that such a product perfectly cleanses the skin from rashes. A young girl can get rid of acne, acne with the help of avocado oils, and ladies of Balzac age can stop the aging process of the dermis. In a large number of currently known cosmetic preparations “alligator pear” is used not only as an independent product, but also as an emulsifier. It is part of a variety of masks, creams, scrubs, tonics.

You can use avocado oil instead of micellar water. Makeup remover with such a tool will be safe and effective. It is enough to heat the product in a water bath and gently remove the remnants of the make-up with a cotton swab dipped in a thick mixture.

Experts advise to carry out a daily facial massage using such an exotic oil. For 20 ml of base, it is enough to add 5-6 drops. This “elixir of youth” is also used for the skin in the corners of the eyes. If you want to get rid of crow’s feet, mix the base product with olive seed oil, geranium esters, and rosemary. Visible results should appear 2-3 months after the start of the rejuvenation course.

Usage Tips.

It is useful to use such a remedy 2 times a day: morning and evening. An auxiliary tool for such a procedure will be a silicone brush or a wooden spatula, as well as a cotton swab. With them, it is easiest to apply the prepared mixture to specific areas of the skin..

Get ready that the rich vitamin composition will penetrate deep into the pores, the effect not only locally, but also on the entire “immune system” of the dermis. It is necessary to use the product for 2 courses per year (in summer and winter) with short breaks. If the avocado fruit itself is used internally, then you can also expect to improve the condition of the skin, but after a longer period of time.

All kinds of ointments, rubbing, “talkers” and masks, which include avocado, the process of regeneration, rejuvenation, recovery “start” much faster. Make sure that such oil in its pure form must be used for at least 20 days, but not more than a month. It is up to you how to use the prepared mixture. It can be used to wipe your face after using scrubs, but before applying the cream. An avocado mask can be massaged into the skin to induce normal circulation, relieving morning facial swelling.

To eliminate flaking, dryness, you can prepare a mixture of 10 ml of this component, combining them with a few drops of any essential component. Apply the mask to your face for 40 minutes. It is better to remove excess with a paper towel or cotton swab. If problem areas are pronounced on your skin, do the procedure 2 times a day.

If you decide to use avocado as a night cream, apply it on your face half an hour before bed. But from bags under the eyes, “crow’s feet” such manipulations should be carried out 1 hour before bedtime and do not forget to remove the remnants of the substance. In the latter case, cosmetologists strongly recommend mixing the base component with olive oil, mint, orange, etc. Such a drug will help eliminate the first symptoms of aging after a week of treatment..

If you simultaneously use the avocado pulp inside, for example, for breakfast and at the end of the day, then metabolic processes in the body will certainly normalize. This method will have a positive effect not only on the condition of the skin, but also on the internal organs (liver, kidneys, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract, etc.).

Finally, apply the product to specific areas of the face with special applications. To do this, soak a damp cloth with pure avocado oil, any essential oil and leave it on for the next 30 minutes. The first procedures are carried out up to three times a day, later you can distribute them 1-2 times a week. You will return a fresh, healthy look faster than you expected.

Mask recipes.

There are a huge number of recipes for effective masks that will help you achieve the desired result in a matter of weeks. You can turn to trusted brands or make a mask at home. Before experimenting in your own “laboratory”, consult a dermatologist. The fact is that for different types of skin (oily, dry, normal), different proportions, additional ingredients and solutions are assumed..

For example, if you have dry skin, then add homemade cream to the main ingredient. In the summer, when the dermis is practically dehydrated, support it with a “tasty” mask of sour cream, grapefruit or orange juice, and almond kernel oil. This blend will transform any dull, flabby skin. Girls who suffer from enlarged pores, increased fat content of the epidermis can prepare a mask of avocado, blue clay in a 1: 1 ratio.

Experts recommend applying this mixture with a wooden spatula or silicone mold brush. After 15 minutes, it is removed with warm water (preferably boiled) or tea broth. It will not be superfluous to add lemon balm, string, chamomile or elderberry to it.

Systematic procedures guarantee a noticeable lifting of the facial contour, reduce the number of wrinkles and their depth, and increase the turgor of the epidermis. After a month, the tone of the face will noticeably change for the better, it will become more elastic.

Also, at home, it will not be difficult for you to prepare a universal avocado mask. Feel free to use the pulp of fresh fruit, as well as unrefined oil. This tool can be used if any important event is planned. If you need to transform in a short period of time, improve your skin condition, then “arm yourself” with a dessert spoon, 5 ml of avocado oil, bee honey with a small portion of mayonnaise.

This mixture must be kept on the face for 15 minutes, and then washed off with warm water or green tea. A good helper would be a combination of avocado and jojoba in a 1: 1 ratio. The nourishing mask can be used both in winter and in summer heat. With the help of a film, it perfectly protects your skin from wind, temperature changes, ultraviolet radiation, smog, etc. After the procedure, there is no oily sheen.

Cosmetologists strongly recommend using such wipes as a base for makeup..

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